Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

     Happy 2016!!🍾🍾🍾✨🌟😍

Hey beautiful people!!! Speak positivity into this day and into this year as it will be better than the last, as it will be better than your best, and it will be  productive and extremely blessed. 

Road bumps have come in 2015 followed by hurdles and then storms that liked to blow all of the wind out of me! But I got another day to get that last day right. Another day to get over and around some hurts that stare me straight in the eyes and say I gotcha-  you gonna sit right here in this grief, in this distress, and beat yourself up. Even if this sets all day, I'm blessed with another day to get that last day right. 

All kinds of greeters of hate, doorkeepers of torment, and bringers of bad news have come my way this year and the last. Guess what? I'm here and I'm still standing, I'm still strong (that's from Antoine Fisher)! 

I bet there's a few of you that feel broken, defeated, and casted out by friends, family, co-workers. You may say it doesn't matter. Oh but it does. These people tend to be the closest people to us -to see our rises and our falls, our joys and our pains, our sickness and our health. Oh you care. 

My  point here is we all are blessed with another day to get this thing here right. Get yourself right. Get your relationship with friends, family, spouses, and lovers. Get your credit right. Get your body right. Your house. Get your pronounciatian right! Get your heart right. I'm willing to bet there's 1 thing each of you have that you've been desperately been trying to get or make right. 

Hear this, you cannot control anything or any person. Oftentimes getting things right with one that don't even want you in their presence is simply forgiving them and forgiving yourselves- and that shit right there ain't easy. It's a process. I can share some tips that will help you get through each day of this 2016 year. Just ride with me. We are gonna get our πŸ’©right! What you think? (See, I'm going to get this grammar right) 

Share one thing you want to get right today? I'll respond! I've always been a great motivator, problem solver, and the Olivia Pope of life's crunches. One has got me stumped but overall, I know some words to say to get you through! 

Hit me up! 

Happy, sweet, and blessed new year I see ya! 

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