Saturday, March 28, 2015

Iyanla Fix my Life (Thoughts)

I'm just writing to share how I love this show. The need for her wisdom and experience and advice in willing lives is beyond needed and appreciated. I'm watching the episode of the married couple whose relationship has been damaged by secrets and lies. Words are hard to put into play when you have guilt, blame, and inability to forgive yourself. It's sometimes a hard pill to swallow when you have to recognize the penalties of your choices as she puts it. They sometimes cost you severely.

So many instances in life cause the way we approach our own lives. Iyanla touches on fatherless daughters and sons: the way that void tends to mold our beliefs and expectations. As I've spoken on before, my father was absent but I had a very active and present grandfather. Yet, I still didn't have a father. He left. I never noticed how that was affecting my actions or expectations until these last couple of years. Dealing with my life choices and actions and hurt I caused to lose my marriage. Iyanla said, that this young lady expected her loving husband to leave one day just leave her. So before that happened, she had to go and sabotage and make it happen subconsciously. How about them apples!?? How many of us feel unworthy of greatness, of true unconditional love, of a present willing long lasting love? We say it's too good to be true no matter  how true we know it is. 

She said anger makes people crazy! Isn't that true? Hurt someone and watch that rage. What can you expect? You've hurt their pride and taken than perfect life story from under their feet. So why blame the other party when their angry for how you've hurt them. Yet, somehow they need to turn that anger into a sensible form of communication to break down these trends of hate, despair, then divorce. I'm still a believer that communication and honesty is the key to any successful relationship. It's the truth. 

Lord, you know we all know right from wrong but we need direction. I pray for couples to talk it out. Not to withhold feelings and to respect each other in front of and away. As we live we learn. 

I love Iyanla Fix My Life as she touches on all aspects of life's relationships, family, mother and son, mother and daughters, friends, couples, marriages, how men to be men, and so much more. I've been reading her books since high school. Some people do not care for her approach, her act to know everything. She doesn't claim to know it all, she wants to bring out of you what you already know to repair your damage. So many people are afraid of being ridiculed or called something besides their name so they avoid taking these extra steps of opening up and being vulnerable. In order to heal and repair any damage, to mend or end any relationship and learn from your mistakes, we must be vulnerable sometime somewhere. Iyanla advocates for beginning anew and leaving past in past AFTER you've faced it! 

Check her out if you haven't. The episode of Karrueche (Chris Brown's ex) will be on tonight. Preview below


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