Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Weekend in Pics



I must say that this past weekend was a start in the right direction for me. One of my besties came to visit from Chicago. We hit up Chuckles Comedy House and laughed at Benji Brown and Lil Duvall (picture below)! That show was hilarious! Funniest cats I have seen in a while.

My brother treated us all to Magic Springs Water and Theme Park in Arkansas. When I say, awesome time. It was great for the kids, teens, and us adults! The kid water splash park was the most exciting for me! That was a day trip full of family fun! No pictures from that day because we left our phones in vehicle so they wouldn't be damaged. Sunday was church then the Universal Soul Circus!If you have not had the pleasure of seeing this show, catch it when it comes to your city. Worth every penny! It was everyone's first time and that was so entertaining!

Monday, my bestie headed home but Nadia and I spent the day in my friend's backyard and pool! It was a cool day! If you follow me on Instagram @loomslidslayers  you saw the immaculate pool!

Her tee is from Children's place last year.
She wanted a fro!
Ready for some pool ac


I did not take too many pics of the circus and of course I did not have my camera. But this was our weekend!


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