Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Skin 101-My Daily Regimen

By nature, I am a teacher. At heart, I love beauty and fashion. So mend nature and heart and let me share some tips and pointers with you! Today is Skin 101!

There are various skin types. Normal, Sensitive, dry,  oily, and combination of two or more. People like me with combination have difficulty finding the right regimen. I have a mix of dry at the top and oily from cheeks down. Sensitive in the chin area! The oily areas are prone to breakouts and spots.

Some people think it is what you eat that causes your skin to be the way it is. That is partially true. I am a believer of water. Water, water, and more water. Most time oily skin is from over production of the sebaceous glands. That overproduction can be due a hormonal imbalance, meaning there is more androgen present than needed. Other factors could be stress, over washing (washing greater than 3 times a day which causes dehydration which in turn causes the sebaceous glands to work), touching the face with dirty hands, dirty makeup brushes, and oily based products. They say chocolate and caffeine are not friends to your skin. I do not eat or drink either.

Everyone, should cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Some people think that if you have oily skin that you don't have to moisturize and that is a common misperception. Exfoliate once or twice a week! Make time. Exfoliation peels off dead skin cells and leaves your skin more refreshed and better capable of absorbing nutrients.  Exfoliate your entire body. Do not ignore the rest of your skin. Remember it needs attention, rubbing down, and scrubbing too!

So what's my regimen?

I love Foamingly clean face wash from Benefit. Foaming cleansers are my preference over those creamy type washes. If that is out of your price range, then Aveeno foaming face wash is good too! You can pick this up at any drug store. They are good for oily and sensitive skin types. Now, I won't fib and say I tone every day! I am rushing almost every morning. I will try to when I have time. It is best to do it once or twice daily. I use Bliss Daily Detoxifying toner from Sephora and/or Clinique Clarifying Lotion in the summer. I use regular witch hazel astringent in the winter. I moisturize at night. I like Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. I am not good at doing that either but I try to do it at least every other night. When you moisturize in the day, make sure you have some SPF in it. Race has no regard in moisturizing, SPF or anything. If you have skin, you should protect it! Point blank. I live for  oil free tinted moisturizers! Especially, Laura Mercier's. I wear it regularly.

OK I guess that is enough for today! Hope you learned something you did not know!






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