Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Want to Be Skin-ty Honey!

OK so I've been battling with my eating and gaining weight since last April! At that time I was still trying to lose 10 more pounds but gained 12 pounds instead. I started a sit down desk pharmacist position in March. A very far stretch from the very busy, moving, high-energy retail chain pharmacist position. Now I am 28 pounds bigger than last April. I lose 3 - 4 pounds here and there when I get on my healthy want to work out kick cause I'm tired of not being able to button my size 12 pants and refuse to buy a 14!

I'm not ashamed to say my size anymore because I know I've been stressed. I've been overeating due to stress. I've been laying down after I eat due to depression. Depression compounds when I get on the scale and whoa there's 2-3 more pounds gained. I have been sad sometimes so I drink a glass of wine or 2 and it adds to the weight. I love sweets; cakes, shakes, and candy! I love bacon! I seem to have no discipline only when I promise myself I won't have any. I say I'm going to be strict! I'm going to run 2-3 miles and eat grapes as my dessert! 

Obesity runs on my mother's side of the family. I thought I had dodged it when I was 26 and I was still a good size! A little thick but in the right places! I remember when my  mom used to say when you pass the age of 25 you start gaining more. So when I was 26 and 27 I was like wait I am still good! 10 years later and I am a ommpaloompa! Now I have it where it's unsexy and not favored! So what do I do? 

I go easy on myself! I try portion control and take one day at a time. I make weekly goals instead of 3 months at a time. I cut out one thing instead of 3! I drink more water throughout my day and I will eat oatmeal and raisins every morning. I saw Gina Neely in my salon the other day and she has lost more than 50 pounds. Maybe 75. She looks amazingly smaller. I looked up her secrets and she eats oatmeal and raisins every morning! That's not all but that stood out. Another thing that stood out was the George Foreman weight loss challenge.

So I will try to use my George Foreman grill more. I will try to post recipes when I can and I am trying to incorporate more activity and exercise to my regimen. And I am going to stop laying down after I eat!

Do you have any good tips or testimonies? Sometimes, it gets discouraging but then when you see how some of the clothes that used to be FIRE on you are like sad puddles! LOL!It is in my arms, belly and back!  I am gonna get this under wraps!

Thanks for reading !


Baby Shopaholic on June 12, 2014 at 11:18 AM said...

OMG Rhonda! We are in the same boat. I have zero will power! I had to keep it real with myself. I can't totally cut out everything because I wont last. Like you said, start getting rid of a few things here and there. We can do it!

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