Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fashion, Fitness, and Faith Challenge

Hey to all of who still follows and reads along. I have been come and go and hit or miss lately. But I am a work in progress. So hopefully there is still a listening ear. This challenge is for myself and it will last the entire year.

This week in fashion- I am redoing my closet (more like cleaning it up and hanging ish up)! I want to have a clear walk way and i want to have like colors together. This is an example of how neat I want it. I will try to do a before and after of mine.

From google Image.

This week in fitness- i will run twice at the track. I am trying to do 2 miles straight. I have not been eating right consistently. My nerves and stress gets the best of me and I want candy, cake, and big filling meals that consist up yams, pork and cornbread! OOOH! I am trying to WANT to eat clean. Goal is to lose 7 more pounds by May 18 in addition to my 3 so far. It was 5! LOL!

This week in faith- Nadia and I joined church! I have not really belonged to a church since college! I went frequently in pharmacy school and sparingly in the past 7 years. That does not mean I am not a believer. I just worked on some Sundays and I did not have anyone to go with at times. Now I am ok with going alone or with my baby. I want to be active. Even though it is a small church like the one I grew up in, I love big churches but I get a good feel for this one. I have been more times this year than I have been in the past 4 years! I am being real. I was watching on TV and reading my bible but this being in the building is helping me through a lot of my misfortunes and my insecurities and my growth process. My 5 year old niece joined too!

Well that is all for now. Just checking in and releasing. Toodles. See ya soon. Whoever is here! LOL!

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