Monday, February 24, 2014

Fashion, Fitness, and Faith Challenge: Update

Well I can update you on a few things with my personal endeavors. I have failed in the fashion segment personally but I am styling for my upcoming Mommy and Me Fashion Show for HIV awareness. Right now I'm getting boutiques and designers to contribute apparel to feature in the show. So far we have 5. I'm having a hard time with the kid contributions. 

In fitness, I've done some but not as much as I planned. I've cut back on my food intake and this week I plan to have a healthy choice for lunch instead of fried chicken wings, sushi, or meatloaf and starches! I am working on a weekly meal plan and will try to do some sets of sit-ups and lounges daily. I've been slacking in that area. 

Faith has come a long way from a couple of weeks ago. I was losing it to be honest. Thinking I don't deserve anything. No one "really" loves me. Or why should I go to church- God is mad at me! Such foolishness! I have never been such a pessimist or Debbie Downer. Why start now? I have started a prayer journal. I've started reading scriptures and I've  been to church for 4 weeks straight! It uplifts me. So I'll continue to go. With so many negative forces and voices coming at me it is hard to grab the positivity and love that's all around. So I'm moving forward. Love conquers all. God is Love. He loves me unconditionally and have placed people in my life who have been there but I didn't know just how much. Moreso, I love me! 

So there you have it. I'm on a journey. I'm finding my purpose. I will share with whoever rides along!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things....

Hey all! I am always trying and loving new products, music, food, etc! Here are a few of my favorite things right now!

Jhene' Aniko!
This album is on repeat! It is mellow with edge!

C. booth was introduced to me in one of my Glossyboxes. I love this scrub!

This Calvin Klein Foundation is smooth criminal! Look at my side profile of it on below!

 I used the Caramel Color
 This distinctive liquid synthesizes serum, primer and face makeup
 into one simple, weightless formula. Triple-treated pigment technology
mimics skin for an effortlessly natural,
radiant finish. No compromise on skin perfecting coverage.
Antioxidants protect skin, lasting up to 11 hours.
The Happiness Project Book by Gretchen Rubin  is a New York times bestseller
 and it is a must read!

Kevin Hart can do no wrong right now! i follow him on
Instagram Facebook, and his movies. I am proud of him
and happy for him.

What do you think of my current fav's? Do you have any ?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fashion, Fitness, and Faith Challenge

Have you ever been to a part of your life where you feel like you have fell off in the important areas of your life? It happens. I have fallen off of my fashion game, my physical fitness and my faith in God. So for the next 60 days I will be attempting to grow again in these areas. Not just going to church on Sunday but reading my bible more. I have not "read"it in a while. Not just working out once a week. I need at least 3 and try not to eat after 8 pm. I eat all times and a lot. Now at a sedentary workplace I am packing on the pounds! Stress packs on pounds too. And my fashion- I have not wanted to put on any cute stuff in awhile! Probably cause of the pounds! or maybe the stress!

So I am challenging myself and will keep a log here of my goal. You don't have to keep up. It's just me doing it for me. I really hope to come with it. I think I will link up with The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files on their Fridays to get some inspiration. We shall see.Running,  Zumba,  and Kickboxing and meal plans are in the works. Reading the bible and journaling will also be in the works. OOH sounds like a lot huh? If anyone wants to join me, feel free. The more the merrier!

I posted this picture because I was 20 pounds
lighter here and I want to get back there physically.
I loved my romper and hair also!

This weeks plan:

1. I will write the good things that happen to me on a daily basis to avoid the negative. They say writing these and putting in a jar like a piggy bank is a great way to go back and look at all of your blessings! A savings account sort of!

2. Read a scripture a night and write a response to the daily Power of Prayer in a journal.

3. Take the stairs at least 3 times this week.

4. Zumba and Kickboxing! No excuses!

5. Wear a cute trend and post details here on the blog this week! (I know week is almost over!)

6. No negative phrases or complaints! Especially on social media! Misunderstandings arise from that. I will refrain! Ha!

So let's see how this goes.

A great thing that happened today is one of my friend's asked me help with her wedding planning! I also got a motivational quote from a bestie saying that God can make your crooked places straight- I have started the day out ok I think!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Motivational Monday

Hey all! I hope the year is starting off well for you. For me I'm trying to stay sane here lately and it's hard!  Facing life's rejections, ridicule, and madness! It all gets a bit hard. Especially when you know you made choices that got you to this stormy area. 

I'm going into self renovation and intervention mode! Seriously! I have so much to do to get my mind, heart, body and soul right! For me, myself and I! ... So in effort to do that I may become an open book here!  I created this as an outlet for my passions in fashion, beauty, and life... So lets go with the layers of my life! 

Today's motivation is:

Happy Monday all! There is something you can find to be happy about! 

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