Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Help needed! Traveling with a Toddler

Hey gang. So I am coming up on an upcoming trip where it will just be Nadia and I. We are flying but I have NEVER flown with her and when we have been on trips it has been all 3 of us. We usually do road trips and I know how cumbersome that can be at times with a baby/toddler! So I am reaching out to the mothers with toddlers on how to approach this and maintain patience while on 4 day trip away from her normal surroundings. 
So I am at loss for how I am to get hte car seat and the stroller and our luggage on board and how I travel with her through the airport... All of this is stressing me!

Please give me any pointers and tips that you can!



Aracely @ Mama Fashion Files on October 31, 2013 at 10:43 AM said...

Oh wow I've never been away with just Madison. I mean now she's bigger so it's easier but Nadia is a toddler so I know that's a lot of work. Try to keep your carry on bag as light as possible (consider a backpack) since you'll be maneuvering so many things. Once you check in your luggage and car seat you should be ok but once you land you'll have to pick them all up. I suggest you get a cart at the airport I always see the airport personnel trying to help with your luggage, when I'm with hubby I normally say no but since its just you and Nadia I say get them to help carry your things to the car/bus.

You may want to bring some of Nadia's toys that will help her feel at ease being in a different environment. She'll have some sense of comfort. Carry a few books, coloring books, crayons. You don't want to bring a music toy because that'll just get the passengers all riled up. Also, make sure you have plenty of snacks and water for her. Oh also her ears may bother her during take off and landing. I don't think she does a bottle anymore because that normally helps babies, chewing gum is what we give Madison now which helps. Not sure if Nadia has ever had any or if she'll just end up swallowing it because of her age, I mean you can try it before hand. Madi normally chews gum for 5 mins and spits it out.

I think if you bring some things from home like a blanket or a soft toy it'll help her feel more comfortable. Have a fun and safe trip! :)

Rhonda on October 31, 2013 at 1:43 PM said...

Oooh thank you so much! I will get a backpack! good idea. I need to find out about the cart. I appreciate you!

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