Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Help needed! Traveling with a Toddler

Hey gang. So I am coming up on an upcoming trip where it will just be Nadia and I. We are flying but I have NEVER flown with her and when we have been on trips it has been all 3 of us. We usually do road trips and I know how cumbersome that can be at times with a baby/toddler! So I am reaching out to the mothers with toddlers on how to approach this and maintain patience while on 4 day trip away from her normal surroundings. 
So I am at loss for how I am to get hte car seat and the stroller and our luggage on board and how I travel with her through the airport... All of this is stressing me!

Please give me any pointers and tips that you can!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Mommy and Me Photo Shoot with Antoine Lever

So you all know I was stressed about this photo shoot that Nadia and I had! Nadia had been sick, I had not lost any weight and the list goes on and on! However, the final products turned out fantastic- in my opinion!

Antoine Lever is a local photographer here in Memphis. We had the pleasure of doing this shoot with him. This guy is so patient and very professional- Nadia and I were a handful early in the morning! He was so good about finding the perfect spots to shoot and he captured a lot of the naturalness that I wanted.

We intended on having 3 outfits but I was beat after the second. I will definitely have an assistant, a friend, all types of help the next time we do one!

Check out some of these shots and book Antoine Lever Photography for your next shoot. He does wedding, beauty, family, and whatever you want!

Nadia's outfits: Black and Leopard from FabKids, Ugg boots.
Red and White from Janie and Jack City Stroll Collection, Boots from H&M

Momma's Outfits: Jean and plaid vest from Urban Outfitters, Leopard Booties from Diane von Furstenberg.
Red Blouse gifted, white pants from The Limited (old), shoes Coach (old)

What do y'all think??

Follow him on Instagram also @antoineleverphotography

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's Thirsts- Jumpsuits and Track Pants

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fab Kids Funday with Nadia

This past Sunday was FabKids Funday for Nadia! I try to dress her cute on the weekends and I am super excited about FabKids> She will be rocking it on next Sunday too hence the name Funday! Anyhow, before she went to brunch we did a mini photo session.

She seldom stays still long enough for good shots and I seldom use my Nikon but take a look....

Hair bow, top, and bottoms: FabKids 
Shoes: Toms 

I absolutely love this company! I have probably purchased 10 outfits for her in the past 2 months  from them! It is addicting because everything is so cute. She will be sporting 2 fits from FabKids for our Mommy and Me photo shoot this upcoming weekend.

Have you tried out FabKids.? FYI they have boys apparel too!!

Unfamiliar to FabKids check out the old post here with the details..

Monday, October 7, 2013

Motivational Mondays

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuning In- My Fall Shows

Every year after Big Brother awards their winner, I know that my fall shows are about to restart. I am so excited event though I never get a chance to watch on the day of. Sometimes I cram them all in on a day when I have a sitter or she has a day with Daddy. I seldom watch TV here lately unless it is Elmo or SuperWhy (Nadia's shows)!

Returning this year and I am excited about are:

Grey's Anatomy- 2 hour season premiere was last Thursday.

Scandal_ Season 3! I have persuaded so many people to get on this show and catch up so they can be prepared for October 3 and I am still 3 episodes behind. I hope to catch up tonight!

2 Broke Girls- Funniest show on right now! These girls are hilarious!

The Voice- Did you watch last night with Preston Pohl singing Electric Feel. He was the bomb! Listen!

I want to try out The Hostages...

I cannot forget X Factor, American Idol, The Mentalist, and Real Housewives of Atlanta......

What are some of your favorite fall shows?

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