Monday, September 30, 2013

On the Agenda .....

Hey all! Just dropping a few lines. I am attempting to make big things happen before the year comes to a close. This is no milestone birthday year but I want to celebrate like it is. One of my girls offered to cater a dinner party and I am UBER-excited! It will be Hollywood Glam style! I also want to have girls night dance class. I am going to invite everyone who says I have not kicked it with them this year. I am also preparing for the Mommy and Me photo shoot. It is right around the corner. I hope it is not too stressful.

I am participating in the Race for the Cure for breast cancer. I wanted to plan on running it but I have not even trained or worked out so I will be there walking it! If you are in Memphis, join my team- Chest Mates and help us support the cause.

My mom is getting married and I am the planner for the reception. It is one month away and I hate to say that I have not been a good planner. We have things lined up and it will be fly and fun but I have not been involved as much as I planned so from here on out I am going to make up for it and be like Bridezilla. I hope to post pictures to recap these events for you to share with me.

I want, oh so badly, to go to the Dominican Republic the week after my birthday during Thanksgiving as a gift to myself. Yet again, it does not look like it will happen. I wanted to go to Las Vegas last year. I want to just have a good time anywhere I am  so I wont get down about not being able to go.

I plan to reinvent and relaunch my makeup line as soon as I get all of my ducks in a row. It is hard to have a baby, a marriage,  a full time job and dreams. Focus and SUPPORT is the key.

Seems as though I have a lot on my plate... It will get done.... Big things popping!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore

So I was in Los Angeles last week for a medical conference but I had to get out and see some if the city! I went to Fantasia's concert at the Nokia Center at Club Nokia. I went alone but of course I met some people to chat with!  Everyone said my outfit was cute so here I will post! 

 Jacket: TJ Maxx, Rolling Stones tee: TJ Maxx, electric blue jeans: Hudson, Boots: Express, Earrings: Jewelmint, Chain: Express (old) 

What do you think? Sorry for picture quality. These were taken on my iPhone! I'm going to try and post more outfit posts. 

I have a mega headache so this is all for now! 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday's Thirsts- "I Don't Pop Molly, I Rock Tom Ford"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mommy and Me to Be... (prelude to our photo shoot)

OK so Nadia and I will be in a Mommy and Me photo shoot in October with 3 looks. I am looking for casual, preppy, chic looks... Check out some of these looks I want to put her in ... I am still looking but tell me what you think!

Classic dark denim jacket

Blocked dress Baby Gap
with above denim jacket
and black boots down yonder....


Girl's denim shirt H&M
with camo skirt or pants below
This skirt with above denim shirt
Girls quilted puffer skirt in camo

OR Denim Top with these camo pants below!

Camo pant Harajuku Mini

Lined Faux leather boots H&M
We have these already. Ready to rock!

Famous Tee with applique ZARA
with the Jumper below

Jumper ZARA

Tee by Harajuku Mini

Leopard Legging by Harajuku Mini

Leopard Tiny TOMS
I can switch these in place of the black boots for that
jumper and tee outfit.


Pillbox Dot Headband


Button Legging Janie and Jack

I love this whole look from BABY GAP but it may be
too wintery. I see her in this though as the casual/urban look.

Tell me what y'all think!!! I am so excited!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Celebrity Babies on Board!

It amazes me how the generation has completely opposed all of the baby rules regarding age and risks. I am a mother who had my child at a far older age than most of my friends.... Actually most of my friends had their baby or babies 10-15 years before I had Nadia. But check out these celebrities with babies on the way!

I am most excited for Eva Marcille (who is still pretty young-28), who announced a couple of
weeks ago that she and boyfriend are expecting their first child

Kate Winslet on baby number 3 at age 37

Halle Berry is 47 years of age and does not llok a day over 35 is
expecting her second child. WOW!!!

Congratulations to these and all others who are glowing! Don't think that this is in ANY way a hint tha tI am... becasue I am not... Don't let my muffin fool ya! Good day buttercups!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Approaches

Somewhere along the line, I have lost my vigor and my motivation. I decided to post.. Who knows who will read but I cannot keep it bottled in and I am not the person who calls people with my worries or thoughts. I just don't do it unless it is MAJOR. People ask me all of the time, "Why do you think you are bothering me? You can call me anytime." I just know that other people have more issues and different issues and don't need to hear any more. I have always been the one that people call for me to listen.  Well for some time now, I have been in limbo... seems I have no movement. A few health issues  and a few personal choices in life have probably got me here- in this limbo. I haven't been working out, talking to friends, going to church, entertaining, promoting my business, blogging or traveling. Those that know me- know that I am not this chick.  In an attempt to blog more, I will take to posting my thoughts of today.

So I need to develop some new approaches to tackling day to day life. I am going to look back at this post and try to see if it can help me out of this BLAH!

One step I have taken this past week was to join the YMCA. I will try to go for at least 30 to 45 minutes 2 to 4 times a week. I have to be where I am. And where I am currently is not extra time in my life. Through the week, it is difficult to get anything accomplished because the nanny leaves as soon as I get home and I am then in mommy mode. I need to incorporate working out into the schedule when the Hubs is not busy or at work. So I am going for 2 days as the minimum and if I make it to 4 days  then YAY me! It starts today after work! I am also planning on taking Nadia once a week to get in pool with me. We missed the Mommy and Me classes but will enroll in the next session.  I am starting volleyball back up as well. It is sad that there is a treadmill in the home and I have used it maybe 10 times in the 2 years it has been there! I have to do something because I am very unhappy with my physique at this point. Very self conscious and embarrassed. The muffin is in full effect and I hate it. I love to eat but I am now sitting down at the job at the Veterans Hospital more than I did ever at Walgreens. So I am packing on the pounds. I will get it off. Starting today.

Another thing I plan on doing is planning a trip for my birthday. I want to go to Dominican Republic. I know that it is around the corner and it costs money to go. All of my friends will not be able to attend because money does not grow on trees and believe me I know that occurrence in life can have you so broke no matter how much money you make. But last year I wanted to go to Las Vegas for my birthday and it did not happen due to poor planning and feeling bad for others when they could not go... I also did not want to leave my baby. This year I want to do something I want to do- and I have been dying to go to the Dominican. Planning starts today.

I am revamping by makeup line and business. Plans are in work as I write. I know that I wont make it big and I know that when you do not put effort in, there will be poor results. I have not doing what I am supposed to be doing as a business owner. I have been more like a bystander... and that is because I have and had other priorities and no delegation or road map. I have two assistants now and I hope to get some things accomplished. If it does not move this time I will let it go! I just don't want to give up without really putting my best foot forward as I know I can... Right?

Other things will be to try and move past things that are out of my control. We learn so much in this life. Things like: No matter how nice and genuine you are to others- don't expect the same treatment. Most people are not naturally nice. They have to force themselves to be. Most people think that you being nice to them is a trick and you want something. Some people are just plain jealous and you cannot do anything about that. You learn that you have to be careful in life; that one wrong move will redirect your whole path- some for the better and sometimes for the worst. But you have to take heed to the lessons learned along the way. If you have made poor choices, don't blame others for it. Own up to it and grow and move on. Take care of yourself. No one knows your body like you do. It speaks to you and when it says it needs to rest, let it rest. When it says it needs to move, move. No one knows your heart like God. Talk to him and he will direct your path. Don't worry about what peers or naysayers have to say because this is your life. Don't beat yourself up about things you have done that were not of your character. You are human and you fall short sometimes. Take every opportunity to grow. Don't get depressed! One thing I heard on the radio on my  ride in to work this morning was "when an opportunity of a lifetime appears don't take a lifetime to take the opportunity".

I know I have wrote a novel here but I was heavy this morning with thoughts. One day I will write a book!

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
Maya Angelou

That is all.... have a great day!

Emeli Sande is Coming to Town!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was kind of uneventful but I did end having barbecue last night. That was a plus! Other than my niece and daughter kicking it together with me most of the weekend, it was kind of low key for a holiday for me. I like to be gone somewhere or entertainimg at the house but it was not like that this time. Oh well,  I count my blessings!

Any Emeli Sande fans??? She's the jazz-soul artist from the UK with hits such as My Kind of Love and Next to Me. She's hitting up Memphis October 15. She will be performing at Minglewood Hall and I'm going!! Her CD has been a favorite of mine since last year.

 Even if you don't know of her, I'm sure she will put on an amazing performance. Maybe you should go out that night to see her! Buy tickets here...

Here's one of her videos if you care to check her out on the video for My Kind of Love:
What do you think about her?

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