Thursday, May 31, 2012


I didn't have time to put together a post of fashion thirsts today. I am in Chicago visiting my family and few friends. I am enjoying our time letting Nadia visit and meet her peeps but time flies! I have yet to see a lot of people and to shop! What I am here for is for grannie and auntie to spend time with Nadia and babysit while we kick it!  So I am appreciative of that! She is enjoying her people and I really do think she will have a tooth by next week!

This is a thirst I had for Nadia and I picked it up yesterday at Janie and Jack!  She will probably wear for pictures or the 4th of July!! Don't you love it?!! We didn't get the shoes though!

Good Day people! Thanks for following!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ciate Caviar Manicure????

I have been seeing this in the magazines and was curious so I looked it up! Ciate' Caviar Manicure. It is a two step nail effect that gives a 3D look. I think this is perfect for a party!  They look super glamourous and I am anxious to try! I am unsure if I can wear this daily since I have a baby and do not want her to accidentally get it in her mouth.

The company is in the UK but I found out that Sephora has this on their website!!

What do you think? Should I buy? Will you buy?

Pictures from the ciate' website

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So if you follow me on Twitter, you may know that Scandal was the highlight of my tv drama series this season! I was surprisingly satisfied with the acting, the story, the characters, it all! If you have not heard of Scandal, it is a American political thriller series created by Shonda Rhimes, who is also the creator of Grey's Anatomy (one of my favorites) and Private Practice. Stars of Scandal include Kerry Washington, Columbus Short, Tony Goldwyn to name a few!

I am ecstatic that it got picked up for second season!

Kerry Washington is amazing to me! I already thought she was beautiful and well spoken. Many disagree with me.

Check out the following clip of the highlights of the past premiere season. Will you be tuning in for the next season? I cannot wait!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Some things you should know....

For one, Baby Nadia is 7 months old today!! No teeth yet! But she has been teething for 2 months- What's up with that?!!

Secondly, I am so excited to be on vacation and to see my "ancestors"! LOL! That's what Hubby calls my aunts and uncles!

Thirdly, if you want to become a  Julep Maven for monthly nail polish boxes, go now! Enter PENNY as promo code and join for only 1 cent!

Lastly, one of my favorite online shops, ASOS, has a Memorial Day sale for 24 hours. Enter HAPPYMEMORIALDAY at checkout for 25% off your purchase.

Enjoy your day peeps! Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy you!

Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop

Happy Memorial Day!! 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nutra Nails Express Gel Perfect Review

So one of my new favorite stores is Ulta. A few weeks ago I went crazy when I went in there and one of my purchases was the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV Free Nail Color in Blueberry. I was so excited to get it! The claims of this product are:

  • Rock solid in 5 minutes 
  • Patent leather shine
  • Removal is quick and easy
  • Since there is no UV light needed, you can do your mani anywhere
  • So easy to put on and so easy to take off

Well I tried it one night once Nadia was down for the night.   There were too many steps involved. First you apply the activator coat- making sure that its been ten minutes since you washed your hands to be free of lotions and oils. Then you apply the nail color in a thin coat which will be runny and thin. That step has to be done quickly so that the activator coat is not too dry. BOOOOOO!! After that you move on to the opposite hand. You have to do these steps twice for each hand.

Yes you do end up with a patent leather shine but after two days of real life you have chips and fading. Personally, I was disappointed that I invested that much time and effort into something with unsatisfactory  results. True, this was my first attempt to use but I will not again. I can get better results in a shorter amount of time with longevity to the color by just going the old fashioned way. Not to mention, that I cannot remove unless I have the NO Mess Remover or 100% acetone! 

Needless to  say that I will not try again or gift to any of my peeps! Sorry! 

After completion

After 3 days

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bloggers and Bombshells

Friday night I was able to make it out to a nice event called Bloggers and Bombshells hosted by Danielle Inez, Kimmie of KPFusion,and the lovely ladies of Salon 22! The night consisted of desserts and wine, quick hairstyling, giveaways, and meet & greet opportunities. I was so ecstatic to meet these ladies that I tweet with and hear about in the Memphis area. I was surprised to meet so many other bloggers here that I can connect with and support.  The salon is so cute!  Here are some photos from the night!

Thermal straightening on natural hair

Dean of Fashion and I 

Tacora of Something Old Something New 
DOn't you LOOOOVVVEEE this top?! She got tit at Forever 21 in Cali. 

Elle of Beale Street Chic and I 

Andrea of Andrea Fenise and StyleJunkie

Danielle Inez -PR guru of di PR agency 

Tacora won my Pouts & Winks door prize of glosses and shadow

Love her pink and yellow combo!

Digging for Bubble Bistro goodies

Kimmie of KPFUSION and I 

This event provided opportunity for any of us who were small business owners to share our products as a door prize and help introduce and promote one another. I won a cute necklace from Style Junkie!!

I wore a tribal print and jersey dress from Target and sandals by Jeffrey Campbell. Earrings were gifted a few years ago.

My goodies I left with from Bubble Bistro and Style Junkie Boutique!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May's Gossip Girl Birchbox

I know this super late as May is almost over but I wanted to share my much anticipated Gossip Girl Inspired Birchbox. I don't usually post but I wanted to share this one!

You will notice that one item is missing! I gave my nanny the perfume sample! It was Arquiste- a full size bottle cost $165! So she came up! Lol!

The Caudalie hand and nail cream feels fantastic but I don't care for the after scent!

I haven't tried the Fusion Beauty Lipfusion or the Ojon restorative conditioner yet. Sorry!

I plan on writing a note to someone with the cute stationery!

Did you get a Birchbox?

Motivational Mondays

So I had so many places I could have went today as a topic. I guess I can bundle many of them together.

Work is work- You shouldn't expect it to be cheery and fun at all times. That's why you should find a career in what you love so that it won't phase you as much on the other days.

Friends are friends. You shouldn't have to convince a friend to be a friend.  They just know what to do and when to do it. 

Be who YOU are- That's all that really matters. If the next person doesn't like that or even respect that then that's their loss. You shouldn't have to compromise your beliefs or personality to appease others.

Worrying brings more worries-  Try to pray to get through those times that make you anxious and let it go.   If you worry too much about things beyond your control, you will make yourself sick which in turn brings more worries. 

I hope these few phrases help you in anything that you are going through or getting through. I had to write them out to help me get  through a few things that i have been challenging this week. It's all good now!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Thirsts

If you follow me on Instagram you may say after seeing my closet which is a MESS, that I do not need anything! I am in the process of cleaning out my closet and giving stuff away, selling on Poshmark, and throwing things out! I am truly disgusted at the fact that I cannot fit any of my cute Summer gear. I have taken a break from P90x for a number of reasons but we will get back on it as soon as I am able! I am determined to do it. Anyhow, in the meantime, I can thirst for new stuff, that I can fit! LOL!
Bitch Fit by Ginger and Liz $12
Baja Rugged Denim Short by Free People $88

Jolie sandal from Coach  $68

Surplice Stone Blousson from Badgley Mischka $120

Eighty Sixty Maxi Dress from Nordstrom $88

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Hobo $448

Would you wear short denim shorts? I would with a classic blouse or v neck tee.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reality Woes

Hey. I just wanted to share how disgusted I am with what's been happening on the scenes of most reality shows this season. The bullying, jealousy, living beyond means, lying, low self esteem masked by over compensation, and did I say bulling!

This season of Basketball Wives has embarrassed me as a woman and made me feel sorry for most of them. Where is their happiness because it seems they are struggling to find some. Real Housewives of Atlanta had it's problems too. I don't know what to say about the ones in Beverly Hills and Orange County. For most of the women to have agencies and charities, some helping younger girls and women, you would think that a better example of a woman would be made.

Needless to say, my addiction to these shows has been cured and I may only watch Braxton Family Values, my usual singing competitions, and Big Brother.

Are you all having a hard time watching the reality shows these days?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivational Mondays

Treat people the way you want to be treated!

I wanted to share this with you all since I have been having to extend it to others for the past few weeks. No matter how someone has been towards you in the past, be a bigger person and think of how you would want to be treated in that instance. There have been times when I should have cursed someone out, or not helped them out, or erased them from my world but I didn't! (now I have in some cases but those do not apply today!)

Picture from Pinterest

Friday, May 11, 2012

A letter to Nadia

Dear Nadia.. I can't believe I'm a mommy! We have come a long way in such a little time. From my swollen body, you trying to come on Labor Day, and the sleepless nights after you came! So you see we named you Nadia after all of the votes and deliberation. Actually, your daddy named you and that's a story for another day. It seems like you are growing too fast! 6 and 1/2 months already. You have changed our lives. I cannot imagine life without you now. You light up your daddy's eyes everyday. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months bring. I am already planning your birthday party! I'm a planner if you didn't know! So get ready- we have a lot of things to do in this life! Daddy and i have done the best we can as we are first time parents! We love you so much and will do anything for you. Never forget that.

Love mommy.

I found the letter I wrote to her last year before she was born- if you care to read!

A letter to my unborn child
Dear Chloe, or Nadia, or Laila, or Brooklyn.... We have not decided on your name yet but we are getting close! I want you to know that we are so excited for your arrival. We are slowly but surely getting physically ready and trying our best to get mentally ready. It's a process. Mommy and Daddy want to be great parents to you and we want you to love us as much as we love you. It's a rough world out here with so much hate, greed, and deceit but there are so many great things to look forward to in the midst of all this craziness. We know we won't be able to protect you from every thing that comes your way but we will try. There are so many people that love you already and they don't even know you! Isn't that amazing? They had been waiting for you to be conceived so that they can share their love with you like they have with us. You will have a beautiful cousin to grow up with and to get in trouble with! I cannot wait til she meets you. Right now you are kicking the crap out of me and I cannot sleep but I miss it when you don;t kick me... .. Daddy wants you to know that he is going to be mean and you won't like him but he swears it's for your own good! I want you to know that I love to shop and I hope you do too! Well I will say good night for now.... I love you so much already!!!!!

I'm a mommy!

Hope all you mothers out there have a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day! Much love

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Thirsts

I told you this week is dedicated to Nadia. Here are her thirsts!!

Floral and Lace Dress From Ralph Lauren $55

Watercolor Pony Romper $35
Striped Ruffle Romper from Ralph Lauren $29.50

twill pants from Zara $19.95
Toucan Tee from Zara $12.95

Striped Espradrille from Baby Gap $12.95

Striped Floppy hat from Baby Gap $19.95

Knit bow Bloomer from Baby Gap $12.95

What do you think? Which ones should I get for her?

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