Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Season 4 Promo

Season 4 Promo: Basketball Wives season 4 premieres Monday, February 20th on VH1.

Nadia is 3 months old!

Happy 3 month to her! Happy 3 month to her!! Nadia turned 3 months on Saturday! Seems like she is a big girl now!! We celebrated by taking pics and going to the mall! Daddy took pictures
 of us and directed the photo shoot!! We have 100's of poses from this day! Well everday we have a  lot of pics! I will have a post of our mall finds later this week!

Excuse the mess in the back! It's her stuff LOL!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivational Mondays

Happy Monday! I have to say that I had a relaxing low key weekend. I managed to finalize a location for my launch party/trunk show for the makeup line! More to come on that later.  Hubby and I went on a date with Nadia to eat at a restaurant that I remember as being good but it wasn't this night. I finally watched Straw Dogs which was a crazy and slow movie but it ended up being OK in the end. I hit the mall with  Nadia and managed to have lunch with a friend. After listing all of this, I guess I had a packed weekend!

Anyhow, I want to talk about productivity. I have found that I have some ways about me that need some improving in order to be productive. This is more than important now since we have a little one. See, before there was a Nadia... there was just Hubby and I. We could go and come as we please..... I could leave shoes around anywhere and get them later.... I could let days go by without doing a single chore... I know this sounds lazy but in actuality it's not! So now, things have to change. I don't want to trip over one of my shoes while carrying her, ya know?! I just want to be better.

I have always been a multi-tasker but in different areas of my life. So now I am learning the ropes of being a multi-tasker with everything. To be productive you have to juggle! Thus, i have list of things to make life a little easier and erase procrastination:

Hard tasks first: Whatever I am dreading to do, i am doing it first to get it out of the way like washing clothes!

Batch: I am going to call my family members while driving to the grocery or cleaners. This way the drive will seem shorter and I will be connecting with my family which I am trying to do a better job of doing.

Set a date or deadline: If there is no set date to wash clothes then maybe it should be Sunday! I feel better about it and I know it will get done.

Make clear decisions: If I need to make a decision about a small task or goal, I am giving myself 2 minutes to decide so that I will not over think or over analyze. Now, this is regarding small tasks and issues...

21 Day rule: If I am adding a new habit to my lifestyle, like Zumba, I want to commit to it for only 21 days to have a temporary relationship with so I will not feel intimidated by a long one.

Do you have any tricks of the trade, rules of thumb, or tips to boost productivity? Did my list motivate you some way?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wrong Side of a Love Song- New one by Melanie Fiona ( song only)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's Thirsts- Pre-Valentine's Day Weekend Date Wear

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few Good Coats

Mod Cloth On the Avenue Coat $119.99

ASOS Premium Belted Coat $85.94 Regular $214

ASOS Quilted Fit and Flare $44.97 Regular $143

Coach Alexis Leather Coat $1199

I want them all! I usually buy 1 or 2 coats a year and give 2 or 3 away. This year I havent bought any but I did receive a Rachel Roy for my bday! Do you like any of these? Are you in search of a new coat?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seal-ed with a Klum Kiss

The biggest upset in breakups this year so far is Heidi Klum and Seal calling it quits! I know you all may know about this already but I had to post and discuss.  A lot of people did not want these two together since the beginning. People said, she was too pretty for him. I hate to hear that as people's reasons for incompatibility. I actually thought they were great for each other. From the outside looking in, the relationship looked healthy. If you did not know, Heidi is one of my favorite celebrities.  they reported to the press that they just "grew apart". Rumor has it, Seal was mean and demanding. I guess that gets old after so long because I know she had to have witnessed these traits back in 2005 when they got married.

After seven years and four children (three of them together), the supermodel and the singer Seal are calling it quits. Despite renewing their wedding vows every year, the two said it was time to end their relationship. The couple described their time together  in a statement reported by the L.A. Times as "seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage." By Claudine Zap, Yahoo!
Tue, Jan 24, 2012, 1:17 am PST

It seems that the majority of news about couples is all about separation, infidelity, and divorce. Why is it that the answer is divorce? Why not work on the problems and give it another shot? What about counseling?

Some folks say that lack of sex and lack of communication are the key contributors to divorce. I guess we all better do a better job.  I hope we do not hear a statement about another couple divorcing before the month is out! I wish the best to both of them and to all of the married couples out here!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivational Mondays

I needed these for myself and I decided to pass them along.... for anyone stuck in a rut of proscrastination, fear, obstacles, and past  failure: Here you go!

What more can I say?! Its all there! 

Happy Monday

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updates on Me

Hey! I have to let you all know the scoop on a few things!

I cannot get my hair colored until I finish breastfeeding.... my stylist did some research and does not want to risk it.

I am still in process of getting so much done for the makeup line.... still need a little more money for completion but I am still planning on launching on or before March 1. We will see.

I am getting a little more sleep now. My cupcake has been sleeping at least 4 to 5 hours through the night now then she eats and goes back to bed! YAY!!

I am searching for a new camera since I have yet to find mine. I am trying to decide if I want a Nikon SLR or a regular Sony Cybershot like my old one. But if I find my old one, I may not want the same brand. We will see.

I am SUPER excited to be going to the Kevin Hart show and then the New Edition concert on Valentine's weekend. I cannot wait!!  I will need your help in outfit choices. I am trying not to purchase anything.

I have one outfit to post so far. I went to my friend's bridal shower last Saturday and we had a ball. Here goes:

Jacket; Thrift find for $3, Scarf/Snood; Old Navy, Green Silk Blouse; Victoria Secret's online, Jeans; Arden B 3 years ago, Belt; Banana Republic, Boots; Mootsie Tootsies from Kohls
L to R: BFF Raquel from Chicago visiting, Bride to be , me

Thanks for checking me out today!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tag I'm it

So I was tagged by my girl Tammy over at A Fendi Bag and a Bad Attitude. Therefore, I am to tell you things about myself that you may not know and answer some questions. Here goes!

TAG!!! I’m It!!!

 11 Random things about Moi
I prefer basketball over football.
I am the eldest of siblings.
I really want to move to Hawaii for a year at least.
I cry at emotional scenes in Greys Anatomy.
One of my favorite comedy sitcoms is How I Met Your Mother.
I grew up in the ghetto part of Chicago
I have a fear of falling backwards down the stairs.
It takes a lot for me to be organized.
Martin Lawrence shows can cheer me up anytime.
I wish we has a Pappadeaux Restaurant here in Memphis
I hate folding clothes!


1. If you had to choose a world without fashion or a world without music, which would you choose? Ummmm, I would say fashion because music soothes most people's souls and a lot of people could care less about fashion.
2. Have you accomplished any of your life goals? Yes! But so many more to do! Who gone stop huh!
3. What is the meaning of LOVE to you? Love is when you WANT to do what you do for that person with no strings attached. Love is feeling the NEED to please that person as well as cheer them on. Love is compromising without loss.... I could go on and on!
4. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Planning on going to Brazil for bday but if I could go anywhere in the world it would be Fiji.
5. who’s the biggest inspiration in your life right now? My grandfather was and will always be. RIP
6. What's your favorite thing about blogging? The best thing about blogging for me is expressing my self and meeting new people in such a productive way.
7. What's your favorite thing out of anything you own? I really can't pinpoint one thing: Gucci bag, Movado watch, photos of fam and friends, my pillow top mattress, my iPhone,.......
8. Do you believe in fate? Yes I do
9. What's your favorite song? Adele Someone Like You, Michael Jackson- lady in my life, Prince- Purple Rain .... I know, I know, I couldn't pick one!
10. Jeans or dresses? I wear more jeans but I love dresses
11. What's your favorite food? Smothered chicken cooked by hubby or Portillos Italian beef

So the blogs I Tag are:

Pearls and Paws
Sweet Intenz
Mode Haven
Curvie Birdie
Style Spotlighted
If I were a Brit Girl
Lipgloss and Binky

List 11 Random things about yourself and answer the following questions:

1. If you could have any career you wanted without fear of failure or worry of pay, what would it be?

2. What is your most visited department store?

3. Are you a Hopeless Romantic or realist?

4. What is your favorite pastime?

5. If you could guest star on any reality show, what would it be?

All Readers can answer these last 5 questions in comments if you like. We are getting to know each other.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Thirsts

I REALLY, REALLY want this bag! Color is awesome. Size is cool. It's Gucci!
Mayfair Small Top Handle Bag by Gucci. Exclusively online at www.gucci.com

DO you have your eye on any Gucci bags?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nail Rock Nail Wraps ReCap

Remember the giveaway last month of the nail wraps from Nordstrom? Well one of the winners, Sweet Intenz, posted her use and her nails look fly! Check that
post out here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PNK Elephant Jewelry

Hey all! I want to introduce PNK Elephant online accessory store to those of you who are in the dark about them! They have so many hot pieces that will be the extra umph you need to make that outfit so much more than plain!  Check out some of my favorite pieces and then head over to their website and get you a few pieces! 
Cross Color Necklace $20.00
Animal Print Red Shell $12.00
Stretch Spike Bracelet $12.00
Chain and Links $25.00
Rock and Pearl Ring $15.00

Long Chain Earrings with Snakeskin $12.00

3 Open Metal Cuff $10.00

Do you like any of these pieces? Have you heard of PNK Elephant before?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Motivational Mondays

Hello peeps! Good Monday! Happy MLK Day! Today all I want to say is live! I am not saying to go out and do things you know you shouldn't and call it taking risks. Some people think that doing dangerous and mischievous things is living. This is not the direction I want to take you.
I want everyone to realize "what is" and stop basing your next move or lack thereof on "what if".

I know I have delayed many things wondering "what if" this doesn't work out. What if people don't like this? What if no one shows up? What if they are disappointed? So many preconceived notions of the future can postpone our actual living.

So how do we live life to the fullest? I believe we should use what we have at the moment, have faith in ourselves and the process, and go for it! I was so afraid to have a baby because I thought my life would be stopped and my plans of fun-filled escapades would all be over. I was afraid to fall in love completely because I thought I would get hurt or make a fool of myself in the process. I was so positive that the pharmacy doctoral program at one of the top ten pharmacy schools in the U.S. did not have a place for me. All of my fears were "what if's" and I have surpassed each mental obstacle that I had. I love Nadia and I can pack her up to go wherever we want to go. I'm just the same chick but with a baby not a disability! I love my husband and I am so glad I let down my guard and let him love me while we were dating. He's awesome if you didn't know! I interviewed twice for this particular pharmacy school and not only did I graduate, I was the president of my graduating class and it felt great!

I say all of this to say.... Live and don't let your fears paralyze you. Keep it moving!

Above all, try something. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Vison Board Party Recap/Project Runway All Stars Recap

Last weekend I hosted a vision board party at home. I invited 8 of my friends and 6 showed! The point of the gathering was for us to get together, put our goals, wishes, and visions on a poster board using old magazines. We brainstormed on what each of our individual goals are for 2012 and got to turning pages, cutting, and pasting! The overall experience was enlightening and motivating. The board is to be placed somewhere to be seen daily to keep us focused. I have some ambitious and driven friends! Some of them want to move to a new home or city, start a new career, find love, live healthier, repair their credit, update their wardrobe or hairstyle. There were many more visions shared. We are so looking forward to see what pans out for us this year. Forgive me, for not capturing the whole event in pictures but here are a few!

My board. Framing it this weekend. 
My friend April's board

Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins- My Sis n Law  got this for our dessert. We had pizza,  chicken strips, buffalo wings, and other little desserts. 

I did not get a picture of everyone! Boo me! I know. ( No real camera and we were extremely focused!)

Here are a few of my 2012 visions are:

  • Launching my makeup line professionally
  • Host 2 influential events (HIV awareness events independent of work relationship  and maybe a college prep event for high-schoolers)
  • Go to the Essence Fest. ( I have never been)
  • Go to New York. ( I have never been)
  • Keep my marriage positive and healthy by making time and trying my best to do most of the things we did together before I had a child.
  • Increase credit score significantly
  • I would have put down that I will apply to Project Runway but I have to complete one big thing at a time! So I m focusing on my business launch!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nadia's Week in Animal Print

I promised to post some photos of my girl in some of her outfits! Its so crazy how fast she is growing! I have to change her clothes daily! But here are a few of her fits from this past week. She must know animal print is in!

My Heart Belongs to Daddy onesie and zebra leggings from Carter's  ( Gift)

Infant Pink Uggs ( gift) 

Giraffe print onesie (TJ MAXX)  $2.99

Carter's 3 piece set ( gift) 

My little cupcake!! 

Have you been wearing any animal print?

I know I promised to post some of myself too! They are coming! I just hadn't taken any pictures.... I will!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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