Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Questionnaire from a First Time Mom

Hey all. I decided to ask you all what you all do to get some ideas and/or rules.  Hubby and I have never raised a child but we think we have been doing pretty good so far! Anyhow, I have a small questionnaire for you- even if you are not parents- to get some things you have done or seen in these circumstances. Here goes:

1.  TV. How much, if any TV should an almost 1 year old get? We let her watch Sesame Street, as she loves Elmo but sometimes we watch our shows and she is in the room and we find that she is trying to watch. So we have decided to put her in her playpen in another room while we watch our shows and to limit her content from TV to 4-5 hours if not less a day. She has been hearing the TV hours on hours since birth because it would always be on. We don't think that it is healthy.

2.  Party: I am planning a nice but not extravagant 1st birthday party for her. I have set the theme to a cupcake theme being that she is our little cupcake! However, I look forward to the rest of her birthdays. Some of them I plan to just go on trips and no party. Is she supposed to get a party every year for pictures sake? I am kind of person to do what I want when it comes to that but I don't want to "spoil" her to them!

3.  Milk: They say once she is one, she is able to tolerate cow's milk. How do we transition? Do you give 1/2 formula and 1/2 cow's milk. Can avoid cow's milk and give almond milk/soy milk or is she too young for that?

4.  Nadia has become extra excited to eat real food. She likes toast, chicken, and spaghetti. What foods are off limits at this age? I have books on it but some of them say one thing and some say another.

5.  Gated area: We have like  an open floor plan downstairs. This is where we usually are. We have baby proofed the sockets. Now since she can crawl EVERYWHERE, we wonder if we should confine here to a space like the gated area like below. What do you think?

Please take some time and give your take. It would mean a lot! 


Nikesha said...

Limit TV time...calvin watched tv alot as kid and I have problems now, reagan may watch 5minutes in a day.
Have as many parties as u I did them every other year for calvin. Being in chicago with family and summer bday was perfect recipe for a great party. After they get so old, do milestone party (ie...5,10,13,16...)
Start weening at 11mths so by the time she is 1 she will be on cow milk if not allergic...2% is okay!
At almost 11mths she can eat anything shes not allergic to and can tolerate....not set rules...all kids r different.
Im not big on confinement! Kids need to explore with supervision...if u r busy with something then yeah gate her in.
Hope all this helps....

kita on September 19, 2012 at 2:49 PM said...

1. Most 1 year olds don't sit and watch tv if they do I need to switch them out with my kids.
2. I did something small for both kids for their 1st they don't remember I think keeping it cute and simple is best go big for 5th birthday
3.I started giving real milk a little earlier than that but they can my son could only drink lactaid and I gave him about 2 glass per day
4.At 1 I gave everything except nuts and popcorn I would just chew it up and give it to them if it was hard to bite.
5.I don't do the confinement because they can still get out of it I just make sure nothing is in their reach and I let them go. I have lost a child one time (didn't know son could climb stairs) I do recommend a gate at the stairs

Darrylon Evans on September 19, 2012 at 4:59 PM said...

1. Limit the television watching. Pull out sensory toys and read books
2. The first year party is usually for the parents. A 1 year old has no clue what is going on and more than likely will not remember.
3. Speak to your pediatrician regarding milk options. They have allergy tests they can run
4. Continue to explore new foods. Just be careful with hot dogs, nuts and popcorn as they are choking hazards
5. Allow exploration of the home. This is how they learn the do's and don'ts of the home, become familiar with their environment,etc.

Deidre Brownlee on September 19, 2012 at 6:42 PM said...

I agree with the ladies.

Figure out what works for your family...parenting doesn't come with instructions it's trial and error. Just don't let her know you made an error (smile)

Anonymous said...

As far as TV goes, the kids shows are fine for now. I'm a parent, and I didn't limit their tv time, and they are just fine. Just make sure they have play time with you as well.

Milk--my babies started at 1 year on cow's milk, I started table food at 6 months in moderation. I kinda weened them over, a little milk here and there, and ice cream as well. It wasn't a problem for me.

Birthdays--I think a party every year spoils a child. It becomes what is expected and normal, and not something looked at as a blessing or a perk. I think doing something special such as a dinner or trip for a birthday is good, but parties every year is overkill to me.

Confinement--Block off anything harmful (cabinets with cleaning supplies, sharp objects, stairs) but I think confining them makes them anxious. Just have to let them be free but be careful.

Just think, everytime someone has a first child they are a first time parent. Making sure the kid feels loved unconditionally and supported is what makes the character of that child. Pray and do what you feel is right, books don't have all the answers. You will be fine.

Mimi on September 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM said...

I'm not against TV time as long as it is educational although I do limit it from time to time.

My son has had a party every year except for age 3. I think that is excessive but his father insisted. I honestly think the big ones should be at 1, 5, 7 and 10 with small gatherings for the in between years.

I went straight to almond milk for Lil Mama. I read some things about cow's milk that I wasn't thrilled with so we all drink almond now. The only thing my dr. suggested with her and almond milk was to make sure she was getting good fat somewhere else since the fat content in almond milk is low but the calcium is higher. I did avocado to supplment for the fat.

I didn't confine with either of mine. I think it is healthy for them to explore. I just made sure anything harmful was out of the way.

Baby Shopaholic on September 20, 2012 at 12:54 PM said...

1. You should limit the tv. Try to keep it at educational shows. If you are watching try to give her an activity to distract her or DVR and watch when she goes to sleep.

Eating: Let her eat what she wants long as she is not allergic. I didn't hold back anything.. maybe red meat but I dont eat it that much.

To keep her in an area use the play pen, but that doesnt last for long once they start walking. But just keep the floors clean and let her roll out. Get her a walker with wheels, peyton loved that! Put her in the excersuacer if you need her to stay put.

I went straight to organic whole milk at 11months and no problems. You can start giving her a little here and there. I tried almond milk but since I dont cook she didnt get all the fat and vitamins she needed.

Our Delightful Home on September 21, 2012 at 6:32 AM said...

1)I would limit what she watches on TV to only educational shows, and when she is playing also include educational toys. This is sometimes wishful thinking. Don’t feel guilty if she watches the shows once in a blue. I always have watched HGTV, Food Network or SVU. So TV was never really an issue for my little guy in our home.
2)I had a party for him pretty much his first couple of years (Big party). Every year, his parties has gotten a little smaller (i.e. only my nieces and nephews) Now, he’s nine, and I am more into bringing him on a vacation or taking him and a couple of his friends somewhere. His birthday is in February.
3)My little guy only drank whole milk. However, since we only drink almond or coconut milk in our home. If we had a baby they would only have these two choices (Plus they taste better) I would suggest speaking with your pediatrician
4)I believe nuts were the only thing ( I would suggest speaking with your pediatrician)
5)I believe it is very important to have a mixture of both, sometimes she is able to explore, and sometimes she has her gated space.

Rhonda on September 22, 2012 at 11:08 PM said...

Thanks so much for all of the comments and suggestions! I feel better!

Crystal Smith on September 23, 2012 at 3:32 PM said...

1. TV time, my husband and I aren't big tv people, we do however have our shows that we like to watch, which usually come on beginning at 8pm, Savanna is typically in bed at that or well on her way. In the mornings when we are getting ready for the day we let her watch sesame street and few other shows that may come on from the 800 am to 930 am hour. Savanna maybe watches 5 hours of TV a week. For the most part she isn't too interested in tv.

2. Savanna had a small party for her birthday at a family members house. We do plan to celebrate every year but it may or may not be with a party. I think parties are more important when they can realize what is going on and have friends to "party" with.

3. Savanna drank cows milk at one, we didn't transition her, she did good for the first 2 months, then at 15 months stopped eating all dairy. We are working on trying to get dairy in her diet in other ways. Next we will be trying soy or almond milk, if that doesn't work then we will try pediasure.

4. She pretty much eats everything at this point now that she is one. We let her sample everything to see what she does and doesn't like. Whatever we eat she eats. Only one way to find out if it doesn't agree with them is to give it to them. That's my philosophy!

5. I think both is good, let her have her enclosed space and when we are walking around we let her walk around. Now that we know she can't get into too much and is capable of going up and down the stairs we let her roam free.

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