Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's up Doc?

So I decided to title this "What's up Doc?'  because they call me Doc at work and I am taking to blogging my thoughts right now! So what is really up with me?

At this point, I feel a little stressed out. In the past, I was unaware of my stress load until I actually got sick and by that time it was too late to relax and unload. Well, I am unloading. I am stressed from work. I think that is a givenright now. Work is becoming more stressful as the year proceeds. This will change though. Mark my words!! LOL!

At home, my closet is so full, yet I have nothing to wear. Hubby said it is time to clean it out and pack all of the clothes that I cannot fit any longer and throw them away. That is practically my whole closet. Point is, the closet is a mess and there is no room for any thing new anyways. I get stressed out just looking at it!! So in a way, I know this is good but it is oooohhhhh so bad to see the amount of money that I have spent on some nice stuff leaving my closet. I would sell it on Poshmark, but I have not time to take and upload the photos. I want to do a garage sale but there are so many rules in my neighborhood. I am not even going to go through the process. So we are giving to Goodwill. I think I am more outdone byt the fact that I have gained so much weight since moving to Memphis. I was 43 pounds lighter when I came and I still have some clothes from then. What am I thinking?!!! I know it can be done but if I do lose 15-20 pounds (that is what is what I want to do), that deserves a new wardrobe!

Nadia caught a bug from her one day in daycare that caused her an eye infection that transferred to both eyes that also causes her to be super stuffy and runny and uncomfortable.  However, she is better than last week but not fully recovered. We go back to the doc today? The cycle continues because Hubby and I have caught the remnants of her bug and we are kind of icky!

In addition to this, I am planning our anniversary trip to Destin, FL. Everyone keeps suggesting that we should leave Nadia here with my mother n law or her aunts. However, I do not want to leave her for 5 days, both parents away, and have no contact. I am not feeling that.  We will be very far away. So I am trying to get my friend to come down for a few days and she be our nanny and still have a free vacation. I am more comfortable with this. I think I will leave her for my birthday trip which is only 2 nights. So we will see.

Lastly, I will have my Pouts & Winks official launch party next Thursday! I just want everything to be nice. It is up against another event in the Downtown Memphis area that is well publicized. My event is planned to be small with no more than 45 people but what if no one shows? That is just how my mind goes. I will preview 2 new collections that night- A Girl's Night Out and a Blogger collection. These items will be available on the site after the party. If you are in Memphis, please contact me if you want to attend.

They say it is a sin to live in fear. I have fear of most things in my life and I need to overcome that!

Thanks for listening or reading.  I just needed the ever so often vent on here!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Tour

Hey! I know I am late with posting pics from our weekend trip to Dallas.We went so Hubby could do the VIP tour of his favorite team! It actually was an awesome guided tour. Here are a few pictures. Nadia was kicking it! I really like Dallas. We have to go back soon.
View from the party pass area. 
This is a great area to watch the game from although it is standing
room only but the cost is only $20! Amazing!
The squad
Representing with her bib but ready to eat at this point!
Living like a Boss in the Presidential Suite
Inside the Cowboys Locker Room
This is some special wood from Africa I think! It costs millions so we could not sit on it!!
Hubby was in an imaginary press conference about the Cowboys upcoming season.
You may have seen this on on Instagram

Bye Bye Dallas! We gotta head back home!
I love this picture! You may have seen this one on Instagram too!
Nadia's outfit is compliments of My BFF Raquel, from Harajuku Mini!  Headband is from an Etsy shop called PattiCake Bowtique 

We had a great time! This is an amazing stadium. Are you planning on doing the tour? Or have you already been?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursdays Thirsts - Pantone Color Trend

If you did not know, Pantone released the color trend report for Fall 2012 and I love them all!

I think my favorite will be the bright chartreuse. I am a huge fan of pinks and all browns so I need a new color in my life!

Here are some of my thirsts from the these colors as inspiration:

Ralph Lauren Chocolate Leather Jodie Pants 

Rag and Bone Blush Tuxedo jacket 
$495 Blue & Cream

 Issa London Silk Dress 
$550 from Far Fetch

7 for all Mankind Leather Like Jeans 
$189 Piperlime

Plain Jersey Snood in Chartreuse
$32 TopShop

Have you found anything for fall with inspiration from the Pantone colors?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I did survive

I am super sorry for not posting that I survived the first day of daycare experience while I was out of town for work!! I called the center twice and both times they said she was fine and having a ball! She needs this time with other kids and away from the house for new experiences! It's just scary for every 1st experience. Hubby was kind of nervous too but we all made it! Its weird how we worry with a baby now. Thanks for all of the encouraging words on here and on twitter! Stay tuned for my next freak out! Lol!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Motivational Mondays- I'm a cry baby!!!

Ok so I am headed to Nashville for work. Problem is, Hubby works and our Nanny is unavailable on Mondays.... so today is Nadia's FIRST day of daycare and I will be nearly 3 hours away. Hubby will be only 10  minutes or so from it. It's just that I worry so hard. I thought I was a worrywart before a baby, I am worse now. I try to not think of all of the things that can happen but they cross my mind. I feel guilty for working and it should not even be that way!

I cannot wait until I get back and I am only going to be gone a couple of days!! Pray for me!

Have a wonderful Monday.

I hope this is true!!! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday's Thirsts- Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Ok so I never think that I have enough shoes! It's even worse now since I am still 1/2 size bigger than I was before Nadia. I have peeped some cute shoes in the past couple of weeks and I need them! I want them! I have to have them!! Some way, some how!!

Jeffrey Campbell - Get Up Platform Boot $230

Leopard Platform Court Shoe- Zara $99

Vince Camuto Winchell Moto- Ins $198  ( I would definitely wear these with a skirt!)

What do you think? Should I work some overtime to get these? Or at least a couple?

Peace out!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

If it's your party...

You do what you want! You wear what you want! I have a few parties that I am planning and one is my launch party for Pouts & Winks. Can you say stressed and nervous?!! I want to be chic but with a twist...  what do you think about this as inspiration for a party?

If it's your party...

Suede boots

Ciate nail care
$32 - nelly.com

Motivational Mondays - Girls Night In Ideas!

Every girl needs some time with her girls. Sometimes, life makes that difficult because of work schedules, family obligations, financial strain, or no motivation to even kick it. I wanted to share some ideas that I want to do for Girls Night In! This will cut down on cost, the need to get all dressed up, and the stress of finding a place to go. I googled a few things and I will link those. Some I thought of on my very own!!

Scandal Season Premiere Party- Scandal is the new hit series starring Kerry Washington and Columbus Short. It is so addicting and so much drama! We love drama! I think I can get a few of my girls together on September 27 and have a special drink- called Mr President (I will make this up),  a chicken caesar salad, and strawberry shortcake parfaits. How does that sound?

Clothing Swap Party- Have 5 to 6 of your fashionable friends come over with 5 gently used pieces of clothing and or jewelry. Each person takes turn trading one of their items for one of the others. You can make it interesting by allowing everyone to model their new clothes! Finger food and drinks are a must!

Chopped Chicks- Chopped is a cooking show that challenges competitors to use random items that do not go together and create a meal. I am turning mine into Chopped Chicks- the gals will get together and their men will create the baskets of ingredients. Each gal will have a specific course to create( one does an appetizer, one an entree, and one a dessert). The men will be the judges. After eating, the winner will be chosen!! Fun huh!!

Here are some other ideas I found online....

Spa Night at Home

Chick Flick Night 

Host a Potluck 

All of these are awesome ideas. I plan to do  a lot of these. Wish me luck. You should try to plan one yourself! Let me know!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Couple of Outifts from BlogHer Nightlife

For some strange reason, I do not have many pictures of myself! I need a traveling photographer. It always happens. I can have my good camera all charged and ready but no one to take multiple pictures. Here are a couple of pictures I managed to take of my night outfits.

Trina and I
I wore a Fossil blazer (old) , Old Navy Vintage tee,  Fossil Sequin Mini Skirt, Zara earrings, random bracelet,
I failed to get a shoe pic.  

Tyesha from Diary of a Chic Mommy and I
I wore a one shoulder romper from The Limited (2 years ago),  Earrings from K'Presha Boutique located in Memphis, jeweled bracelet from an Etsy Shop (old)

Full body shot via Instagram

Instagram picture of my wedges from Shoemint- These are the Kimberly style


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Shopaholic's Lipstick and High Heel Event in NYC

 To kick off our long awaited trip to NYC for BlogHer, Trina from The Baby Shopaholic hosted a fabulous event at Pranna! Lipstick and High Heels was her theme! I worked the door! I was a bouncer! LOL! I had a ball checking in the beautiful ladies and seeing them in person! It was a star studded event!! Let me get you to the details of her event!

The Baby Shopaholic in her cute and unique fit that I was drooling over from  Suakoko Betty

There were tasty complimentary drinks sponsored by Eden Body Works 
Eden also had some great shampoo and conditioner in the swag bags!

Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama and Jennifer from Real Posh Mom

I was so happy to meet by girl Tammy from A Fendi Bag and a Bad Attitude ( in the middle)
Swa-Rai  is on the left! 

More fab bloggers mingling and having a good old time!

Scrumptuous Red Velvet Cupcakes Courtesy of Nellie and her baking company J&J Bakery
I ate 3 and don't regret it!

Eden Berry Drink

Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky getting her groove on in the high heel contest!
Love her hair! Don't you?

The beautiful Naja Diamond! I really enjoyed her! 

NY State of Mom was in the building! We kicked it and now we are buddies for life! LOL!

Diary of a Chic Mommy is so freaking cute! We felt like we knew each other already!

My outfit:
I had on a floral bubble dress from Divine Rags, My earrings were Pretty Girl Glam stolen from Trina,  and Shoes from Style Junkie. Lipstick was Sassy from my online boutique Pouts and Winks

The ambiance in the room was nice. No tension, no hateration, just women getting together and having a great time! Thanks Trina! This was a great event!

There are going to be posts from everyone on this night with far better and more pictures than I. So check them all out. 

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