Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have been all over Marc Jacobs. He launched his first line in 1994 and was later appointed to be the creative director for Louis Vuitton.  His secondary line- Marc by Marc Jacobs was introduced in 2001.   I spotted a few Marc by Marc Jacobs items at this consignment shop here in Memphis that I really liked and decided to check out the current online collection. I am still struggling with the 'No Shopping" but  I can look can't I? Here are some of my favorites.

ellsworth taffeta dress
tate twill dress

hot dot print skirt 

lo denim short

shelle silk voile shirting

strappy glam wedge 

Dotty snake hillier hobo

Do you like any of these?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Behind the scenes

I told you that I would post some pics of the makeup for the wedding we did a week ago. It was for one of my friends from pharmacy school. It turned out to be a beautiful wedding! I wish I could feature the whole thing. I have a few but don't kill me because I don't have plenty! Just a teaser! Lol! Eye shadow colors and lip gloss were used from Pouts and Winks. Coming soon to an Internet connection near you! Please go like the Facebook fan page here and check it out if you haven't.

The two great makeup artists were Roshotta McLaurin and Sean Moody! They are awesome!

Bride bridal party1 I love this shot!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivational Mondays

Hey! I apologize for posting late. I have a lot on my plate this week. For one, I return to work on Wednesday and I am kind of sad about it! I will miss my baby. I have been with her for 4 months and I understand now how women stay at home. I used to say, I don;t get it. But I do. It is a natural feeling to want to be the caregiver of your child. We have been doing great on one salary but I have major bills and loans so I have to work to contribute and pay that off. That's not to say, I won't go part time if I want to. I am returning full time as pharmacy manager and test it out to see if I can juggle all of it- Marriage, motherhood, building my brand for Pouts and Winks, HIV education, and pharmacy manager.

 I am also hosting a small fashion event at a local boutique here in Memphis to commemorate National Women and Girls HIV/AIDs Awareness Day.  I will let you know how it turns out. I just want to reach the community in some way. It is my first solo event but I have some pharmacy students assisting and the boutique owner.    There are bigger events in the near future, once I get sponsors in line.

Basically, I am asking you all to pray for my sanity this week.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful People

My friends got me out on Fat Tuesday. We went to eat at a great restaurant here in Memphis called Owen Brennan's. They have Creole cuisine. My Hubby is from Louisiana and his family introduced me to this place 7 years ago! I have been hooked ever since. I say all of this to say, that they had a shrimp boil on Fat Tuesday and my fab friends met me there. I do not have pictures of the food because we were super hungry and laughing to bad to even think of food photography! I just wanted to feature them!

CoCo and I
( I want her boots!!!) 

Sharonda and Crystal
(I want Sharonda's scarf and Crystal's jacket!)

Doesn't she know how to rock a scarf?!!! Super chic!

Did any of you go out on Fat Tuesday?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Thirsts- Missoni, Tom Ford, and DVF

Thursday's Thirsts- Missoni, Tom Ford, and DVF

Missoni square neck dress
$1,285 -

Missoni trapeze dress
$745 -

€439 -

Tom Ford brown shades
$360 -

Tom Ford heart shaped sunglasses
$360 -

Tom Ford vintage style sunglasses
£95 -

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Early Withdrawal

So I am witholding shopping for 40 days starting today! If any of you know me, I can not live without shopping! So hopefully I survive this. It is for Lent and to be honest, I have not given up anything for Lent in over 4 years. The last time, I gave up sweets and was going through a major withdrawal. It was a toss up between sweets and shopping because they are both HUGE challenges for me. I had to put this in writing and share with my readers because this blog will be my venting grounds. I found a Twitter partner to go through it with me as well as a friend of  a friend. We will be each other's support system. Beleive me this is MAJOR! So wish us luck, pray, and all of that good stuff! I will have a lot of posts about things I want to buy!!

The last thing I bought was last night a Fearless tee-shirt from Divinitee. Check them out!

Do you mind sharing if you are and what you are giving up for Lent?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an awesome weekend and you are thankful for what you do have. I missed Whitney's tribute because I was at a wedding using Pouts and Winks (my upcoming makeup line)! It went well! My makeup artists did a fantastic job and it was a great way to introduce my products to get the word out. Yay! The epic fail is when I tell you I left my new awesome camera at home that I just received for Valentines Day from Hubby. I have a few on iPhone and will post later this week.

Anyhow, today I just want to say- don't let the unwelcome guests like self doubt and self pity barge into your home! They shatter your dreams and spoil your high hopes. To keep them out, we need to strategize a self improvement plan. Analyze yourself and figure out 5 things that you do not like about yourself. Remove them from your life and things are bound to be better! It's like tearing down old walls and getting all new with new art and new paint!

I will share my 5 things I do not like about me:

I procrastinate which leads me to rushing.

I plan things in my head but don't follow through with them because I have either forgotten or become afraid of end result.

I watch too much TV- I used to read a lot! I have books on my Nook,on the bookshelves that I want to read.

I forget to pamper myself. For instance, I should have gotten my feet done a month ago. Just a thing that I enjoy that's for me but I haven't and now I look like Beast from XMen because I have been doing other things. But I know how to do great pedicures-I can do my own when I cannot make it to the salon.

I trust in others too much and get let down. I should not think that everyone will be like me. I have been trying to understand how people will tell you that they will definitely do something and never follow through. I try my best to keep my word and even bend over backwards for others but they do not reciprocate. My husband has never let me down and I have a few friends who are trustworthy. Beyond that, I have to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. It halts my progress.

Do you have any things you know you need to fix for yourself?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Giveaway- Winner

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Winner is Anja!!!
Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be another giveaway soon and thanks so much for following me!

I love Valentine's Day! So I'm having a giveaway! Included:

OPI nail polish in My Address is Hollywood
Hollywood Fashion Tape- 36 double stick strips to hold your clothes in place
Bubble Bistro Bath Bomb in Gooseberry
Spa Sister bouffant Shower cap

To enter:
Leave a comment telling me if you could do anything today, what would it be?

That's it!

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Leave a separate post for each entry.

Contest closes on Friday February 17, at 9pm CST. I will announce winner on twitter and this blog on Sunday February 19, 2012!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Express Checked Out

I went to the mall a week ago. I went in Express and they surprised me! They had so much cute stuff! I stopped going in there a year ago because I never saw anything I really wanted. This time was different but I was good- I didn't buy anything but I will! Here are some of the things I saw and liked. Have you purchased anything from Express lately?

Don't miss giveaway from Tuesday's post!
Ends today!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursdays Thirsts- Skirts Galore

Thursdays Thirts- Skirts Galore

I want all of these skirts. Seriously, I am going to add them for the spring and summer wardrobe. I have a pleated one and a maxi.
Ankle length skirt
$1,250 -

Brunello Cucinelli cotton skirt
€419 -

Pleated skirt
£85 -

Rare belted skirt
$50 -

Chiffon skirt
$48 -

Yellow pleated skirt
$45 -

St Martins knee length black skirt
£40 -

H M short mini skirt
£6.49 -

Skirts are seriously on  my mind right now!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nature Fusion by Pantene Review

I picked up this Pantene Nature Fusion shampoo & conditioner while on one of my many runs to Target this week. Sanaa Lathan was photographed as the new face for this product. However, when I go to Pantene's website, I do not see her face in the forefront. I saw a video with Eva Mendes and another chick on a photo. They have Cassia, cornstarch, and sugarcane and SULFATES. I did not know that it had sulfates upon purchase or would not have purchased. I have been using sulfate free shampoos for a while including my Stacy Vason products and L'oreal Ever Sleek shampoo and conditioner.

After conditioner
Anyhow, I have to say that the shampoo smells nice but after rinsing it out, my hair felt dry and not how I like it. I went on to use the conditioner. It smells AMAZING and corrected the feel of my hair. I kept it on for 3 minutes and rinsed. I was not ecstatic or excited in any way about it as much as I wanted to be. I am so glad it was not expensive. I bought the smaller size which was roughly $7.50 together. I am not impressed. I may give it another shot next week to make a definite decision but if I were grading, I would give it a C.
It came out ok the next day. I just braid my hair in 4 plats and take it down and put my fingers through it. I wear my hair curly in between salon visits if I am in that type of mood.

Have you tried this combo? If so, is your experience different from mine?

Don't miss out on the Valentines Day Giveaway on yesterday's post!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hubby and I celebrated with an eventful weekend with the Kevin Hart Let Me Explain Tour and the New Edition Concert. It was kind of crazy going to 2 events in 2 days since we have not been able to really go to 1 in a month. But we are getting a little bit of our groove back! LOL! Nadia did not even notice we were gone but I missed her soooo much!

It was crazy because at Kevin Hart's comedy show, they banned the use of cell phones since it was his first show of the tour and they did not want material to leak! Rules were if you got caught even looking at your phone you would be forced to leave. That was hard! I snook and looked a few times inside of my purse just to make sure the babysitter was not contacting me.  Anyhow, it was a funny show. The opening act was funny too! I forget their names.

As my story goes, I don't have a camera or a camera man so I only have a couple of pictures. None of my entire outfits. I am so sorry. When I return to work, I will get me a camera and a camera man! LOL!!! My hubby will take pictures sometimes but I don't want to wear him out!

At the Orpheum for Kevin Hart 

Leather bow cuff from a PoshMark sale, Betsey Johnson tights, and Paul and Joe red clutch..... 

The New Edition Concert was great! We had just heard word of the passing of Whitney Houston and I did not want to go. I even thought that NE would not perform because it was reported that Bobby Brown would not make it out as he was torn up. Yet, he did and he did the best he could. Kci and JoJo opened and were a hot mess. Drunk and slurring JoJo was an embarrassment to us all! You may wonder why the seats look empty in my section.... We sat where no one was allowed. Even though we had great tickets, it was so packed in our area that the usher let us sit here.  Here is a video of Bobby introducing himself and telling Whitney he loves her. I got a lot of videos but I am in the background singing and yelling. I think it sounds to hood to post! LOL!

Memphis is stepping up their game with the amount of shows we have! Trey Songz is coming but I saw him 2 years ago. I will pass this time. 

Do you like going to concerts and comedy shows?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivational Mondays

First, I want to say RIP Whitney Houston. I absolutely loved her and I always will! My grandfather did too. I think everyone did and they were so excited to see her progress and move forward with her life and make a major comeback. I pray for her family. Bobby Brown struggled at the New Edition concert Saturday night after hearing of the news but he made it out on stage. I will have more details of the concert tomorrow. Pray for all of her family and friends. She will NEVER be forgotten.

I wanted to address my friends and followers who do not have plans for Valentine's Day or do not have a special someone worth spending Valentine's day with. Sometimes when these holidays and romantic days come around, people ask, " hey, what do you have planned today?". This implying that you must have something planned. You must have someone to spend this day with. You must be so excited about it. If you don't then there must be something wrong with you. Please do not go this route with your thoughts or feelings. In this day and age, it is SUPER difficult to find a compatible companion. It gets to the point where you feel you have to settle or accept what you get. You don't. Some of us believe that if he buys you things he is great. Or if you have a child with him, you have to stay. Or even, he will change and start treating you the way you should be treated later. He won't. So don't settle. Love is so beautiful it should be done right! Believe me, I know! If I didn't meet my Hubby, I would still be out there dating and going through the drama that goes along with it. It seems to be 1 great guy for every 20 guys. But God will intervene and give you the desires of your heart when you let go of all of the negative and non-productive parts of your life.

If you do have these problems or if you have no one special in your life right now.... don't mope. Everyone does not experience love at the same time in life. It will come... just be patient and invest time into yourself and your dreams. Love on a family member of best friend if you want to. Take them to the movies or out to dinner. If you just want to be alone, start a journal. It does the body good!

Whatever you do, enjoy tomorrow and do not mope. We will spend the night in with Nadia and take pictures!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I hate going in Walmart! However, I chose to last week because one of our major grocery stores, Schnucks, got bought out by Kroger and Kroger does not have as much as Schnucks used to. Anyhow, am I glad I did! Besides going HAM on groceries... I went to baby section and found these items for $1.00 for Nadia! They are all size 24 months except the polka dot pants. I hope she can rock the Christmas shirts around that time next year when she is 13-14 months. She is kind of thick for her age right now! Lol!

Do you hate going in Walmart?

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