Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Vison Board Party Recap/Project Runway All Stars Recap

Last weekend I hosted a vision board party at home. I invited 8 of my friends and 6 showed! The point of the gathering was for us to get together, put our goals, wishes, and visions on a poster board using old magazines. We brainstormed on what each of our individual goals are for 2012 and got to turning pages, cutting, and pasting! The overall experience was enlightening and motivating. The board is to be placed somewhere to be seen daily to keep us focused. I have some ambitious and driven friends! Some of them want to move to a new home or city, start a new career, find love, live healthier, repair their credit, update their wardrobe or hairstyle. There were many more visions shared. We are so looking forward to see what pans out for us this year. Forgive me, for not capturing the whole event in pictures but here are a few!

My board. Framing it this weekend. 
My friend April's board

Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins- My Sis n Law  got this for our dessert. We had pizza,  chicken strips, buffalo wings, and other little desserts. 

I did not get a picture of everyone! Boo me! I know. ( No real camera and we were extremely focused!)

Here are a few of my 2012 visions are:

  • Launching my makeup line professionally
  • Host 2 influential events (HIV awareness events independent of work relationship  and maybe a college prep event for high-schoolers)
  • Go to the Essence Fest. ( I have never been)
  • Go to New York. ( I have never been)
  • Keep my marriage positive and healthy by making time and trying my best to do most of the things we did together before I had a child.
  • Increase credit score significantly
  • I would have put down that I will apply to Project Runway but I have to complete one big thing at a time! So I m focusing on my business launch!

Speaking of Project Runway... Did you all watch the 2nd episode of All Stars Thursday? If so, I felt that April should have went home for this mess. The challenge was to design an one of a kind dress for the opera with a couture but romantic touch.

Now I did not care for Sweet Pea's either but it was better designed than this one. However, her color scheme was not Opera appropriate.  My favorites were Jerell's and Michael Costello's. I think Michael should have won. 
Sweet P's 

Michael Costello's 
Which one is your fav? DO you watch Project Runway All Stars? I wish Heidi and Tim were on this series. 


Tammy on January 15, 2012 at 6:10 PM said...

Puh~lese come to New York.. I would LOVE to meet to you & that Michael Costello black dress is BAD!


Heather on January 15, 2012 at 6:33 PM said...

I love this idea!!!! What a fabulous idea to host a vision board party - and that cake is too cute! Love love love!


Janet Uppissass on May 12, 2013 at 2:10 AM said...

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