Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Aids Day

So today, December 1 is World Aids Day. It is a day of recognition and awareness so HIV/AIDs transmissions can be decreased and prevented. It is scary how many young women are walking around with HIV... most of them between 18-25. You say how do I know, I am an educator for the pharmacists here in Memphis TN through Walgreens. As a pharmacist you can be an advocate and educator for many conditions and prevention techniques. In my community, there are more black young women who have it than white young women. Well this is the reported data.... what about the ones who don't know their current status and are having unprotected sex, on drugs, or trying to have a baby?  If you are reading this and you are ignorant to your current status... get tested. There is no excuse. HIV is not a death sentence anymore. The life span has increased due to compliance of care and treatment. Knowing is the cure. Prevention is the key.

You can find a local testing center in your area by sending a text message to KNOWIT (566948)or go to 

Join the Facing AIDS Initiative at

I am planning a Rock the Red Pump Event to raise awareness for HIV in women in March 2012. I will be asking for help in upcoming posts! Go to their site and like them on facebook to hear about events in your area and how you can help!

We should be spreading the word in all the ways that we can and not just on the day! Get tested and ask a boyfriend, spouse, family member or friend to get tested too. Live life not wondering and not harming yourself or others!

Will you?


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