Friday, October 28, 2011

That's My Song _ Throwback Joint.. Sparkle and R Kelly

So Hubby and were just chilling listening to Pandora Slow Jams section and this came on! This was the song.... sounded good and showed that there are two sides to every story!! Some of you may be too young to remember this but check it out!! 

Do you remember this? 

This was pre-posted and I am in the hospital pushing at this time I hope! Pray for a successful delivery and a healthy baby!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursdays Thirsts from The Baby Shopaholic

Guess what!!! We have a guest today! I am so happy Trina from The Baby Shopaholic decided to stop by and grace us with her love for fashion!! Check her out and then go over to her blog about her and her baby's love for fashion! Fanfabulous!

Hey Everybody!. I'm Trina from  The Baby Shopaholic  I am so happy Rhonda, my BFF in real life asked me to contribute to her Thursday Thirsts.  I look forward to her Thursday Thirst because she is a always in the know for all things fabulous. Here is what I am thirsting for right now.

Tory Burch Duck Boots - Man I wish it snowed in Atlanta, well not really but I want these boots!

I love this beautiful Ellie Tahari Coat! 

Since I am a Baby Shopaholic you know I would love for my little girl to sport this Gucci fit!

How hot is this  DVF sequin kimono!  Great for Holiday parties!

Do these items make you thirsty?   Thanks Rhonda for having me!

Thanks Trina! Love all os these items!!!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pick of the Week;DSquared

OMG! I came across this jacket and I am taking donations to get this! LOL! This is ridiculously priced but it is definitely hot! DSQUARED2 Burlesque Leather Jacket $2.095.00

I know some people don't like what I like but who is feeling this? 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion Sketches

So I told you that I would love to be on Project Runway one day! I was in Fashion school last year and took a break. Here are a few sketches that I made and I decided to share to get your opinion. Now, they are not perfect or great by any means. Do you like any? Or is it just a waste of my imagination??

Just a few sketches I liked when I saw them again.... What do you think? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Anniversary Recap

Hubby and I have been married 4 great years! It has been wonderful and beautiful and fun.   Some people say they cannot believe we are still so happy! I don't get that logic. I married the right man. He is THE ONE! I had a lot of frogs in disguise  and my prince would have been overlooked if I didn't get my mind right and see the big picture. We are not content, we are happy. We are not settling, we are sure. We are not dysfunctional, we are a team! I love him to death and now we will share our love with a new addition to our family. We were nervous when we found out the news because we didn't want the big change to affect our relationship and our plans.... but now we cannot wait! We were being spoiled and selfish!

Anyhow, my anniversary was October 6. he spoiled me all day! I had 4 dozen red roses sent to the crib. Then a few hours later, a huge Edible arrangement. Then dinner at The Melting Pot. Then a Nook Color as  my appliance gift. He knew I didn't want a new fridge or anything the gifts for 4 year include fruits/flowers/appliances. He hit everyone! Then we spent the night at the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night! Great day right!??

Had my French Connection Maternity Dress from ASOS and my HeadBanger Earrings!  Face was out of sorts but I had a great anniversary date! 

Then I was hospitalized the next morning for 3 days! I knew something was wrong because my legs and face had swollen so much in one day. My makeup looked bad that night at dinner! They thought I had preeclampsia and was going to take the baby. Thank GOD they observed me and did not have to do that.

I was missing my Edible Arrangement though. It just did not taste the same after 3 days!!!

Today is his birthday! October is a fun filled month for us!

Don't miss out on my Words with Friends Contest from yesterday's post!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Words with Friends Contest/Giveaway

Hey! So I am on bedrest for 4 more days before the BIG DAY!!  I have become best friends with Words with Friends!  I always played but now I play all day!!! Words with Friends is like an online Scrabble competition between you and me. You must have the app or download the app to participate.

I will be giving away a $25.00 Piperlime Gift Card to the player that wins against me by the highest amount of points. Piperlime is a part of Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy.  I shop them for shoes and accessories. They have name brand and quality brand materials.

I have my eye on these boots below. So hopefully a couple of weeks after baby arrives, my feet will go down some and I wont have to live in flip flops in the winter! These are $99 on Piperlime! Just imagine... $25.00 will make these only 75 if you win!! 
Nine West

Kenneth Cole 

To participate: 
1.  Follow publicly  via Google Friend Connect on the right.
2. Sign up for Words with Friends on your mobile device. Send me a challenge to Rxgarner and message me on your first play. Send Looms as your message. Leave a post here that you are game! 

You must sign up by 10pmCST Monday October 24!. 

I must have at least 5 players to keep this contest going! The more the merrier! If you have a friend that shops and loves Words with Friends then tell her about this too! 

I will name the winner once all competitors games have been completed! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spoiled Mama

I wanted to share this site with you guys. I found it while looking for online baby boutiques! It's called Spoiled Mama!  It is a great site for natural products to help you during and after pregnancy. Even if you are not, the products and gift sets are great as gifts for showers or announcements. I ordered the Breast Little Gift Box to help with the painful nipples that people complain of! Looking forward tot the nipstick!!! Let's see if this works. 

Soothing Aloe Leg Gel for Pregnancy or Postpartum 

Breast Little Gift Box 

  • 100% Organic More Milk Please Sippin Tea
  • 100% Organic "Fix that Sucker"  Nipstick
  • Mesh Tea Ball Strainer (upon request)

Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks 

Rattle Me Pink Onesie Set 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursdays Thirst... Vintage Inspired

Morning... I want to share a few of my thirsts for the week.  I have been all for vintage looks and feels. Free People is a fantastic place to find things like this! 
Foley and Corina Sequin Pailettes Dress

Diamond Romper

Faux fur bomber

Mara Hoffman Kaftan

Mista  Andee Platform Buckle Boot

If I had a lot of money on hand right now I would order all of these to wear somewhere after after I lose the baby weight. We shall wait before shopping!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To Tweed or Not to Tweed?

So Tweed has been around for ages. Personally, I like it  in portions. I dont know about a full tweed suit but check out some of the items I found. Fall is supposed to take on tweed this year. Will you?
J Crew Cafe Capri in Tweed

Asos Tweed Tulip Hem

Chanel Tweed Pump

Ribboned Tweed Clutch Anthropologie

Burberry Check Tweed Cap

Now these are my picks of the week. I ordered my cape poncho from last weeks post. Now I really want to order that cape from Asos and these items here excluding the Chanel Pumps.. they are just are far away desire!!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

L'oreal Project Runway Collection

So I heard about this limited edition collection from L'oreal and Project Runway. We don't have it at my Walgreens yet so I sent a friend to Ulta to get some. They were sold out except for one eye shadow quad and 1 blush! They are sold out on Ulta online also. I wanted all for quads. Ulta had buy one get one 50% off.

Here is a sample of what I got! Sultry Raven's Gaze 

Pressed eyeshadow quad 715 

Great pigment and perfect for a night out look! I cannot wait to try it on my eye! 

Super Blendable blush 725 

Pardon the swollen hand! But it looks as this  will be a shimmery blush/ highlighter on my skin tone. We will see when I try it  on my cheeks! 

There are 3 other looks that include eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and nail polish. 

This is the one I have! 

Here is the link to take the quiz to see which collection suits your personal style.  Take it! 
I'm a cuckatoo!   I gotta find that  cuckatoo!  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Team Anya- Project Runway/ Guest Features

Hey I have two guest features on some other great blogs today: Lattes and Heels and A Girl in Pearls and A Boy with Toys.  Please go show me some love and comment.

I am a HUGGGEEE fan of Project Runway. I would love to make it there one day! I took some fashion design courses at Academy of Art University to get into it more since it has been my passion for years. I have postponed due to cost and demands from work. I have been watching Project Runway since Season 2 and I always have a favorite. This season is Anya.

Anya has been the underdog since day one. She had only bee sewing for 4 months before she auditioned for the show. Now she has won top spot in competitions, $20,000, and a chance to show a line at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week!  Comments from competitors on the show have been belittling against her but she pulls through and pushes herself despite the negativity and jealousy.  Check out some of her work.

Anya Ayoung-Chee

Do you watch? Are you Team Anya? Do you have another favorite?  (Secret:  I like Victor's work too!)
Check it out on Lifetime Thursday at 9/8pm c  

Dont forget to head over and check out other posts!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Link Love

I didn't have a fabulous song that I'm feeling today unless I post Adele or Wale again! So I wanted to give a few shout outs to a few blogs that you should check out. I read them on a regular. I will only do a few today but that doesn't mean there aren't others.

Of course my girl Trina at The Baby Shopaholic

Sara at Lattes and Heels

Mimi at Lipgloss and Binky

Tammy at A Fendi Bag and Bad Attitude

Rachel at

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I did this post from my iPhone! Didn't feel like getting out of the bed to go get my MacBook Air!
If you have time vote for me on the the Top Sista Blogs and We're on the Fence using the buttons on the right! Thanks so much!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursdays Thirsts... Falling for Fall

Hey yall! Happy Thursday! Have you ever had so many ideas in your head that you cannot even start
to begin on one? I am in the process of trying to finalize the needs to launch my makeup line, getting sponsors for giveaways for this blog, planning community events for my area, planning a surprise for Hubby's b-day present, getting things on I-Ella to sell, recruiting friends completing the baby's nursery, OMG.... the list goes on and on. I need an assistant and a virtual assistant! Don't you? 

Anyhow, here are my thirsts! 

Bird by Juicy Couture Leather Trimmed Tweed Jacket
I would rock  this all of the time! 

New Ugg Edmonton Duck Boot 

Clarks Marscapone Mix Boots 

Asos Cape in Heritage 

Temporary lip tattoos can be purchased from Sephora or Ulta:
since I wont be doing it big this year for Halloween  this may work! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preppy, Chic, and Hot!

Preppy, Chic, and Hot!

Heart t shirt
€46 -

Quiksilver jacket
$63 -

J Brand bright colored jeans
$158 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody handbag
$278 -

Vintage chanel earrings
€415 -

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