Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making Transitions

So this is the month to start transitioning into fall and fall attire. How will will you approach this season with fashion? It's almost time to bring the cute jeans, jackets and fall bags out.  Why not add a few more items to the wardrobe while you are at it? Polka dots, plaids, wide legged pants, bright jeans, cinched in silhouettes are some of the trends to look forward to this fall. Check these out.

Plaid cinched waist puffer jacket by Thakoon 

Bright pink skinny jean 

Bright blue jeans worn by Kim Kardashian 

Asos wide leg romper 

Old Navy Polka Dot Top 

The last pic featuring the wide leg pant is by Rachel Zoe. I would love to have these.

What do you think about these fall pieces?


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