Friday, September 30, 2011

That's My Song _ Video For Adele's Soem one Like You

One of my favorite artists and I wish o could have went to see her on tour! I hope she milks this CD and releases many of her songs. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Thirsts- Jennifer Lopez at Kohl's

I was on the fence about even checking out Jennifer's line at Kohls because I can never find anything at Kohl's besides things for the home. I am really digging these pieces below and there are many more! I am happy that she picked some fashionable stuff!  She has things for the home too! 

Silver Tone Cuff Bracelet 

Nude Platform High Heels 

Shirred Trench Coat 

Ponte Dress 

Skinny Ponte Pants 

Striped Vest 

Cowlneck Crossover Top 
Have you already checked this line out? Are you feeling any of these that I have picked? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken Avocado Pizza

Some of you who know me, know that I like trying differnet food and recipes. This is a quick and easy recipe and Hubby likes it! Quick Chicken and Avocado Pizza.


One Avocado

Some pulled chicken from a slow roasted chicken from the deli ( below)

This is the manner you cut the avocado: Horizontally and vertically and peel out. The pieces will come out in squares.

Store bought pizza crust

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( any brand is fine)

Tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce. I like spaghetti sauce because is has seasoning and it is not too thick.

Brush the crust with a teaspoon of the olive oil

Then put 3/4 cup of sauce and spread on op of olive oil. Layer avocado chunks as close or as spread out as you like.
Place pulled chicken on top of avocado. then layer with mozzarella cheese. I like just enough to cover everything!
Place on middle rack at 350 degrees and cook for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted to your liking.

Finished product! It is a little toasty in places because I let it go 13  minutes instead of 10 at 350 degrees.

My piece!

I will be posting a lot of quick recipes to share since I will be at home a month before my baby arrives! 

Will you try this pizza?  What do you think?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get some wine this fall

Get some wine this fall

Halston leather dress
$899 -

Antik Batik burgundy leather jacket
€893 -

Miu Miu cropped pants
$1,495 -

Vivienne Westwood pocket wallet
£135 -

Marni cabochon jewelry
$190 -

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's Thirsts

Happy Thursday all!
Fendi Forever Top Handle 

Creed Love in White 

Koolabura Lexie Boot 
Something different from Ugg but I love Uggs too! 

Missoni Acqua 

Anthropologie Sweater Skirt  ( I am really wanting this skirt for fall) 
Long Maxi Skirts will be on trend this fall 

Foula Leggings 

Feathered Gelam Blouse from Anthropologie 

La Sequin Crochet Dress on J Crew
This was regularly $1499 now $499.... still too much for me!

June Bee Baby Pom Pom Romper 
Something for baby girl! This is too cute and handmade by this company. Precious! 

Do you like any of my choices this week? 

If you have not signed up to so now! It means alot... Use GFC or The Networked Blogs link!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's my style?

I decided to post this after it  has been sitting in my drafts of my previous blog for a while and I never posted! I was just thinking one day after my Hubby asked me what is my style? I really don't have a definite style. I like many different varieties of fashion and I base them on occasions, mood, and cost!  I started this blog for fun and as a hobby to share my ideas on style and life. Many of my friends and even people on the street ask me things about my wardrobe choices, makeup, and accessories.Not so much since I have been preggers. They even call to ask my opinion on what to wear where!  That doesn't make me an expert but it does make me want to blog!!  

1. Brights or monochromatic? Brights in some form or the other. I love color. Even if it is just a bright lip and plain color clothes. I will

2.  Flowing, soft lines or fitted? I actually like both. I don't think you should have all of one fit in your closet. I like some pieces fitted, some structured, sometimes loose and comfy, or lightweight.

3.  Manicured nails or acrylics?  I now say manicured nails. I love a painted natural nail even though I was a nail tech for years and did all shapes and lengths of acrylic nails... I moved on! I love colors too. I buy polish every chance I get!

4.  Natural hair, weave, or flat-ironed and styled? Anyone who knows me, knows I am all of the above. I wear my hair natural and curly at times, I love sew ins, and I love to have silky straight tresses. So I am an around the way girl when it comes to hairstyles. I am so anxious to change my hair color after baby arrives.

5. What influences a style or wardrobe choices? I love Elle and Vogue. I  also tend to people watch on blogs and TV shows. It may not be the actual outfit that inspires me, rather than the colors and silhouettes.  I am so looking forward to getting some cheetah or leopard print booties this winter to do some pattern mixing with my styles. Sometimes, I envision a look for me or Hubby and I go get the essentials to make it work.

6.  My favored makeup look? I can do minimal and I can do sensuous. I tend to keep it chic and modern and  steer away from the "too much" makeup look.

7. What message do I want to deliver when I get dressed to go out? I like to send the message to myself for the most part. I want to be confident and feel that I look good. If you look good you feel good. If you look awful, you feel awful! That's my philosophy. 

Here are a few pics from the last 12 months or so of a few different looks.  Of course the face gets fuller in a few! But you can see my versatility with hair, makeup, jewelry, etc.
Me ( left) with friends getting ready to go out for BFF's bday ( middle)  in Cancun.  

Going to someone's birthday party last year. Earrings were from The Limited and Necklace from Charlotte Rousse.

Hubby and I after Babyface concert! I had on some cute Jeffrey Campbells that my BFF from The Baby Shopaholic picked up for me but didn't get a full shot to show them off

I had on red lipstick this night... guess it faded away!

A more classic do.. When I get my hair straightned I get it curled so it can fall the next day. Presently, my hair is maybe 2-3 inches longer than it is here.

Loved this look and this night! Posed before Hubby took me out and I had a GREAT night!

I was 3 months preggers in this photo! Can you tell in the wideneing of face?!!!

One of my favorite Essie colors Turquoise and Caicos

A dress from Gap that I loved but couldn't get because I was almost 4 months and that was the biggest size!

Ok that's all for now. I will do a pregnancy post soon. I have soo many photos that I took on my IPHONE that show me as I grew!

What's your style? 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red with Envy at the Emmy's (My Favorites)

I missed the entire show but I was back and forth and saw that Mad Men was nominated for everything! They won a lot too including Outstanding Drama Series! But fashion was on my radar.... Even though, in my opinion, there were a lot more misses that hits in styling, I still managed to find a few that were hot! Red hot for the most part! 

Kerry Washington in a beautiful and bold beaded Zuhair- Murad gown! Stunning! 

I loved her Betty Boop inspired makeup (doll eyelashes and cold red pout)!

Lea Michele from Glee  in Marchesa had the best back of the dress. I love how this falls.

Sofia Vergara in  a coral Vera Wang 

Gwyneth Paltrow in Pucci... some people say they hated this on Twitter but I was in love at first sight! 

Heidi Klum in Christian Siriano
I love this look and I love that she is supporting a designer from a past season of Project Runway! Christian is awesome in my book! She is so cute! 

Did you watch the Emmy's? Which looks did you like?

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