Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Resolutions and Goals

Happy New Year! 2012!!!! 

I am in process of making life resolutions: I am doing things a little differently this time around. I will make some with Hubby, I will make some for blog, for business launch, for work, and for being a mom. I am being specific this time instead of general.

I started this blog originally on another site and it was just for me at first! i know, dumb right? I was having fun posting and looking at my desires in fashion and in life and was scared to let people know what I was doing! I would post pictures of me and Hubby on vacation, outfits that I thought I looked cute in, ideas for makeup and hair but only I was seeing it! So then my BFF started Baby Shopaholic  and it took off! It inspired me to start again but I did not post any of my outfits, any tutorials, or vacations pics! I still love doing this for fun and as a hobby and free time for myself since I am a new mom with a changed life and schedule. I know that my follower number is low on here, but there are people who read my blog daily. Even though, I do this for me, I still want to see the following increase, the numbers and I love comments.  JayZ said it, "Women lie, men lie, numbers don't".  So am i kidding myself to think I have a chance in this blogging industry? I would be ecstatic with 100 faithful followers! I was going to put it by the wayside but I like blogging so i am not. It is an outlet for me. I have met some wonderful people on here and I would love to meet more! So I have decided to have some resolutions and goals and do it for another year!

Here they are:

1.  Share more of my day to day and my feelings. I have found that I get more feedback on those posts and they help me relate and understand.

2.  I will post an outfit of the week of myself and of Nadia. I love putting on clothes and people usually ask me where did I get something or what made me pair this with that. I will attempt to be faithful on this.

3. If I go on  a trip ( hopefully soon, I feel a need for new scenery) then I will post about it with pictures.

4.  I will be more diligent in reading other blogs that I follow. How do I expect them to come check me out if I cannot check them out on a regular?

5.  I will invest in a better camera (maybe upgrade from Iphone 4g to  Iphone 4S which takes spectacular photos or a Nikon)

6.  I will have 2 blog events this year. The first will be for HIV awareness Rock the Red Pump Campaign. Even if it is small, I am doing it!

7. I will continue to share my Thursday's Thirsts but do an update when I actually get some of those items. I have but never shared.

8.  I will share my entertaining tips and recipes more often! I love to entertain and I love to try new recipes. I need to start back because I feel as though I have been  in a slump since the title and responsibility of motherhood has overcome me. I have to get me back... more of that in the mom resolutions.

9. I will vlog!

So there, it's written, it's posted and let's see what happens.  You can leave a comment of what you would like to see more of on here. It will not offend me.

If you are a blogger, are there any changes or improvements you are planning to make?

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. - Socrates

Thanks to all of my readers!!!

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Winner of Headbanger Earrings is....

Mimi!! Congrats! Email me
With your info!! Thanks for participating! Happy new year!

Christmas Re-Cap

I decided to have my first entertaining gathering since my baby. We had Christmas brunch here and I invited my brother his family, my in-laws, and 2 friends. It turned out nice and Nadia came out on top! She was the star of the day and she received so much love and so many gifts ( clothes of course)! Her closet is packed and she is only 2 months!

Remember when I said I needed a Christmas ornament for her? Well, 3 people got her an ornament made!  I have pictures of 2! Thanks from Ashley at Aj Craftworks and my BFF CoCo for hooking her up.

I failed to get pictures of the food but the menu consisted of  cheddar cheese omelets, turkey sausage, pasta jambalaya, red beans and rice, fruit salad, Caesar salad, and cheesecake! Breakfast, lunch and dessert! I love brunch!
Nadia waiting on family to arrive

Missoni and another outfit from Target

Harajuku fits

Pajamas and tutu

Ralph Lauren coat for next year

What's for brunch??!!! I'm hungry!! Lol!
Her dress is from Baby Gap

Thanks to my BFF Trina from Baby Shopaholic, CoCo , Ora, my sister in laws,  and Nadia's cousin Makenzi for her designer gifts!!

Santa hooked me up too!!

i cannot wait to wear my boots and my  earrings from Tiffany!

Overall, we had a great day full of love, food, and family!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday's Thirsts....Old Navy has new stuff!

Old Navy sent me an email yesterday to alert me of their new arrivals. Of those, I wanted to share the ones that I like.

For me

Western Chambray 

Slub Knit Boat Neck 

Color Block Button Tab top 

Floral Pleated Blouson top

Sweater Knit Poncho

Chiffon Maxi Skirt

Tie Belt Drape Jersey Pants 

Color Block Charmeuse Dress 

For Nadia

Sweater Knit Blazer 

Button Trim Sailor Jeans 

Sweater Dress ( I picked this up last week)

Beanies for babies

Old Navy has been stepping their game up! I bought Hubby some jeans from there for Christmas! He loves their fit better than the expensive ones like Sean John, Rocawear, or Guess. 

Do you like Old Navy?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forgo Black

Here are some color ideas for New Years Eve. Those jewel tones and brights are hot and can spice up the night!! What do you think! I love that Gucci dress and the Louboutins and the Asos clutch! Hell, I love all of it or I wouldnt have posted!!

Forgo Black

Bodycon dress
$4,760 -

Elie Saab turquoise dress
€1.590 -

Gucci leather dress
£1,260 -

Theyskens theory mini dress
$447 -

Zero MariaCornejo mini dress
$625 -

Alice Olivia one shoulder cocktail dress
$128 -

Milly shift dress
$195 -

Rebecca Taylor short dress
$295 -

Christian Louboutin nude pumps

ASOS envelope clutch
$24 -

Kate Spade bangle bracelet
$106 -

Nars Lip Gloss
$32 -

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Motivational Mondays

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas weekend! We did! I had Christmas brunch here and we went to dinner at my in-laws. Nadia had a fabulous Christmas and Santa was very good to me as well!!! I will post pictures of her later this week under the Nadia Rose section.

So the new year is quickly approaching and this is the  time when we brainstorm and write down and share resolutions. From experience, it is always exciting to share them and jot them down and give ourselves a timeline and deadline to accomplish these goals but then as the weeks of January fly by so do the urgency and eagerness to fulfill these resolutions. Sure, we get a calendar, mark the date of when we will start our new diet and our Zumba or Kick boxing class. We get a journal, to document our progress of eating healthy. We call the credit card companies to set up automatic drafts from our checking in order to fulfill the goal of raising our credit score. We update our contacts in our cell phones so that we will keep in contact with family and friends so much better this year! We plan vacations with our partner, friends, or family with enthusiasm that will light up a room. But life happens and we do not prioritize these things that we really want to do. Then at this time of year the  next year we are doing the same thing again. Maybe we succeeded at a couple of them but we still have the same ole resolutions due to our behaviors staying the same.

The resolution should be for our behavior to change. If we keep up the same approach, nothing will be achieved! So let's plan. So if some one's resolution is to quit smoking, they need to know the obstacles that caused them to fail before or that they foresee causing them to fail now.One would be to stay away from people who smoke.  If I want to stop impulse spending, i need to change my behavior of signing on to Gilt Groupe and Haute Look everyday. I would have to stop looking online at things everyday that I know I cannot afford but want!

The most important thing we have to do is write down our visions and goals for the new year and have them placed where we can see them daily so we won't forget. That way we change a behavior to get there. I am planning on having a vision board party like Oprah talked about so many times. I read about it again on a few blogs including Divas and Dorks. I will post about those plans soon.

One of my new years resolutions is to finish what I start! What's one of yours?

Monday, December 26, 2011


Winners of the Nail Rock Nail Wraps Giveaway are Curvie Birdie and Sweet Intent.  Please email me at with your address and the color you want ( the black and white or the gold) .  Congrats! Thanks to everyone who posted and entered!!!

Winner of the Baby Lips Lip Balm is Metch!! Please email me your address! Thanks for entering and leaving those great somments on this giveaway!

Do not miss the Headbanger Accessory Earring giveaway below!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

HeadBanger Accessories + Giveaway!

I saved the best for last! One of my favorite earring designers is Headbangers Accessories! You may have seen a few pictures on Twitter this summer and fall of me rocking a few pair if you were following.  you may have seen Gloria on Basketball Wives of LA wearing some of their designs from week to week. Or you may have noticed Alicia Keys in Essence.... They have a fantastic collection! They make great gifts.

Anyhow, the last of Christmas Spirit giveaways are these fab earrings called Clowning Season from Headbangers!

Pictures and model from Headbangers website here

How dope are these! I am telling you these ladies are on point over there!!

Mandatory To enter:
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Like Headbanger on Facebook

Additional entries
Follow me on Twitter
Tweet " I just entered to win earrings by Headbangers- check it out"
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Leave a comment of what you would wear with these earrings if you win!

There are 6 ways to enter! Leave a comment for each! Good Luck! Giveaway ends next Thursday Dec. 29  and will be announced on next Friday!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

At this Time of Year

So, I was attempting to get some sleep while I can but I can't for a number of reasons. I have so many emotions today. I am happy at this time of year simply because it is Christmas. We have a new life to celebrate with the addition of Nadia to our world. We have a place to live and lay our head . For these things, I am grateful. But then there has been so much grief and loss around us these past few days that my heart hurts for them and there is no way to truly console someone when they lose a loved one. There is no way for people to really get through their loss but by time. I say this from experience... and at these times of year I really miss my grandfather.

It has been nearly 18 years but I still miss him. I feel that my brother and I were robbed of him. He was the human savior in our lives, being mom and dad and showing us how to survive in the hate inspired ghetto part of life. He taught us to strive and to believe. Most years on Christmas Eve, he would say a speech about how money does not grow on trees and how we need to be thankful that we have clothes on our back and not be sad if Santa doesn't make it to our place this time but Christmas morning, he would be sitting in his recliner, grinning, waiting for us to wake up to open the gift that he managed to stretch his wallet to get for us. He was even excited to see what we had wrapped up for him even if it was something made at school, or something we found around the house to wrap up again! He would be happy and we would smile. He showed us what people mean by it is the thought that counts.

At this time of year, I wish he was here to see my baby! I wish he was here just to open up the real gifts that I could give him for all the hard work and care that he put into me. At this time of year, I try not to sob from grief because there are so many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for those things.

Happy Holidays and remember that tomorrow is not promised so make sure the people that you love, know that you love them

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winner of CLEAN Trio Giveaway

Curlyhead is the winner of the CLEAN Trio fragrnace set! Congrats!

Thursday's Thirst ( My Christmas Wishlist)

Hey! I noticed I did not post my thirsts last week! Sorry! You know a new baby and all ( I can blame a lot of stuff on that!LOL)

Here is my wishlist I gave to Santa ( Hubby)! I was forced to give him a list... I told him that I did not need anything... that I know we have to save, you know with a new baby and all! He said he knows I want some things and to give him the list ! So I did!

Necklace with Nadia on it!

Iphone Photo Printer
So I can print pictures of her on demand

Tiffany Sparkler Citrine Earrings

And I also asked for Love in White by Creed and Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb fragrances! I did not ask for any clothing because I am still trying to get this body right and would like to go on a spree when I do!

So if I get one thing on my list, I am ecstatic because I am a true believer of being grateful for love, happiness, and health and I have that!

What's on your list for Santa
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winner of Stacy Vason Haircare

The winner of the Stacy Vason Haircare Package is 1 Practical Mom!! Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who participated!  The other  giveaways are still open and there is one huge one coming this week!

Real Talk

So we already know that I have turned into a huge reality tv fanatic! One of my favorites is Real Housewives of ATL. I wanted to chime in on a few things from the past couple of episodes.

For one, I have lost what little interest I had in Kim! I am happy that she has a great guy and a healthy kid but she still seems a little over the top for me! How she acts around her daughters and  the language she uses is for the birds. That new house! Love it and Love Kroy but I am just not feeling her! Although, I am in awe of how she looks at 3 weeks postpartum (this past Sunday's episode)!

My favorite is Cynthia for the simple fact that she is not in an alternate universe. I know a lot of people do not care for her because she is passive and lets her family in on all of her and Peter's business. She also lets Peter get away with murder. I just like her demeanor. She does not try to play it up for TV. She is who she is and that's what we get. She has a great shape too. I am rooting for her modeling agency to be a success!

Let me get to the problem that me and my friend CoCo was sick about..... Sheree and Bob! Phaedra is trying to help this lady and give her pointers of what not to wear to court.... if you have a 10, 000 dollar bag the court is not going to have pity on you. I understand she likes nice things and has expensive taste....we get it. Why did it take her until the day before to give Phaedra the retainer fee and why did she go in on Phaedra as she was blindsided too by  Bob's contempt of court motion! Sheree just really made me mad this ep. Usually, I just watch and laugh but I think she seriously has a problem! Oh, and did you see BOB stick his tongue out and run out of the courthouse like a bad kid?? Hilarious!

How do you feel about  Bedroom Kandi (Kandi's adult toy line)? Interesting! But she has totally changed her persona this season too! I don't know what is really going on!

NeNe is doing her own thing! That is all I can say about her! She used to be my favorite!

Who is your favorite this season? How do you feel about the Sheree and Bob ordeal?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Eve Party Wear Inspiration

Christmas Eve Party Wear

Mulberry metal shirt
$600 -

J Brand leather pants
$1,444 -

Pelle Moda leather high heels
$95 -

Gucci watch
$1,150 -

TopShop enamel earrings
$20 -

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