Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thursday Thirsts.... back at it

Thursday Thirsts.... back at it

Beauty product

Tory Burch zip wallet

Sperry rubber boots
$240 -

Red home decor

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Flowers

Hey all! Nothing about this post is fashionable but strictly about life and lessons. I'm really writing for me but in doing that it may help one. I spoke with an old and dear friend yesterday. We talked about all of the things that I've been stuffing in trying to peaceful, cordial, classy, and just me. We talked about how perceptions that people have of me or the ones I think they have of me, effect me. They shouldn't. We talked about how for so long I've chosen darkness instead of happiness. By default! Seriously, by damn default. I've chosen to pick the dead flowers among the beautiful, bright, happy flowers and I dwell on them. When I say it's by default, I mean I was brought up and experienced disappointment and loss at early age then throughout my upbringing so often that I became conditioned to expecting it. Even in the sunshine and blue skies (shout out to Sampha! Get his album) I expect the sadness or disappointment to come. "Any minute now.... this is too good to be true...... wait-do something to sabotage your joy and your happy future before it's taken from you". Subconsciously, a lot of us do that. The enemy does that.

So how do we pick the happy flowers? We just do! Choose to pick the brightness for your life. It's easy to be in sorrow and dwell on your misfortunes. It's easy to live in the past and watch your past move on to a future without you while you're still trying to recover from the accidents and wrecks of it all. It's easy to wonder what people think of you as a woman, mother, and professional! It's easy to doubt yourself and ALL OF THE GREATNESS YOU GENUINELY HAVE. How easy is it to forget how dope you are!? It's also that simple to pick the good out of all the negative  in the misdst. I didn't know how. I don't know how. I've been confident with doubt. I've been moving on but stuck. I've been forgiving myself but dwelling. I've been peaceful but bitter. I've been joyous but grieving. When the truth of the matter(s) is/are, you can't be both. You can't believe with no faith. You can't  shine your light when you keep dimming your own flame. There's good in EVERY situation.

There is value in loss. You may not get that right now but you will. There are lessons from my life that I believe are supposed to be shared. Let me tell you... I have been disrespected and belittled from so many for so many reasons and some for no reason at all. Yoooooooo! I'm still standing. I am learning that some battles I don't have to fight or if I fight them I may not need to win. Life is hard but it's also short. We see that daily. So pick the happy flowers to make the best of it. I'll help you if you help me!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Trolls Movie Review

Listen! I took my daughter and niece to see Trolls this weekend! The movie could not have been more vibrant, fun, and meaningful.  It is a colorful movie so it makes you feel happy, happy, happy! I went in thinking that it would be a goofy kids toon. I left out more excited that they were.

First, the music gets you hype! Justin Timberlake is a character as well as on most of the soundtrack. The soundtrack includes old school renditions from Lionel Ritchie, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper songs, True Colors. The characters of each troll makes you relate to real life scenarios and battles of right and wrong, peace versus war, and sadness and happiness.

Overall the movie,  is surprisingly worthwhile and powerful. There are some jokes and statements that only adults who have lived and experienced love and life would get. You'll see! There's one that kids shouldn't laugh at but they will just because you laugh so hard! I can't share any details or actual scenarios to not spoil it for you.

Go see Trolls! We are going again. Nadia says she is Princess Poppy, of course!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hello all! I would say hey strangers but that would be me! I really wish I could do it all! Work, be a mommy(the most hats in one), makeup artist, occasional blogger, preceptor/teacher for upcoming pharmacy school graduates, mentor,  makeup line owner, wardrobe stylist, president of a pharmacy association, creative consultant, HIV educator, friend, and girlfriend- while trying to an active room parent and church member! I'm not bragging, just sharing how I know we all have many hats and responsibilities and passions. I think I do okay with the first two! I do all of the others but not to the best of my capability. I've found that lack of time management and the undiagnosed attention deficit disorder are my struggles! Even after countless vision boards including managing time to do more of what I desire as one of my goals, I suck at it! So that's why today I'm adding some tips for all of us organized but chaotic moms who want to do it all and not suck at it!

1. Don't overbook yourself! Make a commitment to one thing for that day or time. If you know you have to get a sitter or if you don't get off of work until the event starts, DON'T STRESS YOURSELF with trying to make it work.

2. Plan ahead. Use pen and paper 📝! I'm so old school.  It's not real unless I've written it down. Plan your outfit, babysitter, budget, and timeline. For example,  I'm attending a huge event in Memphis where Cicely Tyson will be the guest speaker for an non-profit organization. I work that day. So I know I need my hair styled beforehand. I know I need my outfit ready. I need to know how far it is from work so I won't be late! You set yourself up for failure when you wait till the day of (which I do often)! Gots to be more careful!

3. Use your resources! Friends! Friends are the most valuable resource to help you in a pinch! I hate asking people to help me! It's not that I don't trust they'll do what is asked, it's that what if they need me one day and I'm not available. I think about things like that. However, I've learned that they are happy to do anything within reason or reasonable time and distance.  I'm blessed to have many around me. So ask one of yours to come help you clean. Gets some Chipotle and wine and make a night of it. Ask one to print out your work instead of you paying to go to Kinkos! Ask one to car- sit and take your car to inspection! Let someone one drop off the costume, uniform, book, or whatever you forgot to take to your child's school! These are just things I need from time to time. Friends, how many of us have them??? Act like it!

4. Make time for yourself- even with the demands of your world, you still have to disconnect and focus on you. Rest. Take a bath or walk without checking the phone or social media. Get that massage you've been putting off since January! Watch a movie with your boo! No phones, no distractions!

5. Then you can get back at it. But take a breather and know you may want to do it all and even more, you can't all at once. Pace yourself! You know the saying, "People make time for what they want"? Yeah but there's only so much time in a day! You can't develop more time, you can learn to manage the time you have better to do the things you want.

Hope these few tips help! Leave a comment of how you cope and make it through life's demands of you!

Smooches! I'll be back soon!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Closet Sale

Good morning! I'm departing with some pieces that may make a great addition your closet. It feels better knowing your cute things will be taken care if they leave you! Loll! 

If you want any item, make a comment of sold with the number of photo and your email address. For example, sold picture 1,

Any questions, leave comments here and I will get to them. 

Happy shopping! Thanks so much for your visit here. 


Black with accents of tan and deep coral in the tie. Short romper. Boutique purchase. Designer: Line & Dot Size L fits like 8-10. Perfect for any season event.   Sale $20 

Designer Marc Jacobs floral cotton knit dress! Very girly dress. Button at top of breast and zip upper back. Size 10. Worn less than 5 times. You'll get so many compliments! $45 sale 

Bright yellow blazer. Mossimo brand. Perfect for jeans or dress it up. Size L $15
All black jumpsuit with drawstring waist and cut out shoulders. Perfect mix of sexy with casual. Designer H&M Size 10 


Flirty dress! Pink too half with pleated orange bottom. Great for trips to sunny places or a just a cute dress for next summer! Forever 21 L fits like 8-10. $12 


Urban Outfitters overall tutu dress! Different and fun! Under skirt is attached and creme in color. Buttons in each upper hip on denim. There are a couple of rips on the tulle of tutu but are unnoticeable when wearing. 
Size L 12 
Purchased for $79
Worn twice 
Blog sale $20 

Authentic vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress! Beautiful! Floral art throughout. Elastic waist, button at breast. Lovely. 
I can't part with it for less than $75! 
I am between a 10 and 12, closer to a 10 and this is how it fits. The bottom portion is very forgiving. Serious inquiries only on this one! 

Thanks for looking! 

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